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Visit Marble Quarry in Carrara, Homeland of Michelangelo’s David

  Why should you consider a visit to the marble cave in Carrara, when you are in Tuscany? If you are into art, for example Renaissance sculptures, you should definitely come to the marble cave and see in person the raw materials before being turned into fine pieces that are admired over thousand years. If […]
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My #EXPOTuscany: Two Summer Specials in Florence (A Fortress and A Tower)

One of the best things of being an expat is that you live in a city with heart of a tourist. Florence makes my expat life so easy (so far) as there are lots of interesting stuff going on. I am constantly surprised by this city for all the new things happening. Maybe because I […]
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My #EXPOTuscany: Move in Cortona, Under the Tuscan Sun

If you are a fan of Tuscany , as well as photography, consider to visit Cortona On The Move (#COTM2015), the travel photography exhibition in Cortona, which brings you around to see the hidden beauties of the town.

My #EXPOTuscany: Certaldo Alto’s Day and Night

What brings more than 27,000 visitors to Certaldo Alto, a medieval Tuscany upper town where population is only around 200?! See my 1st #ExpoTuscany blogpost about my experience in Certaldo Alto when there is the annual street art festival Mercantia 2015!