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Photo Diary: Florence Gelato Festival

After a fabulous Saturday, Sunday was taken a bit slow, and come with more food. It was the last day of the Gelato Festival in Florence, so I decided to go and take a look. It seems the weather could read minds and knew when to be easy on us. It was rainy cats and dog the whole morning, then in the afternoon it turned sunny and warm. We arrived in Piazzale Michelangelo for our after-lunch dessert: gelato!

My #EXPOTuscany: Two Summer Specials in Florence (A Fortress and A Tower)

One of the best things of being an expat is that you live in a city with heart of a tourist. Florence makes my expat life so easy (so far) as there are lots of interesting stuff going on. I am constantly surprised by this city for all the new things happening. Maybe because I […]
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Cena Bianca, Where You Dress up in White and Have Lots of Fun

Those who have watched Gossip Girl must remember on Season 2 Episode 1, Serena and Nate were caught kissing on the White Stage Party, which was thrown on Long Island. While the characters might be fictional, but the party is for real! And in real life, it happend in Florence!

Still Three Things to Adapt, Otherwise So Far So Good

I finally moved and settled in Florence city. Two weeks are only enough for getting the residency in Florence, shopping daily necessaries, and many times moving back and forth from in-laws to our new apartment. It is tiring but I am so glad to make it! Comparing to Hong Kong, the city that I lived […]
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Firenze, Here I Am Ready to Embrace Your Beauty!

I’ve been lazy lately, but in my defense I’ve been busy. Finally I’ve packed everything and moved to the dreamy city of Firenze! I feel lucky to move in late May, as the weather is getting warm and it is not the rainy season (although these days showers happen a few times). Our shipments are […]
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Water, Blue Sky, Reeds and Wetland in Padule di Fucecchio, Tuscany

One of the things that Italy makes me fall in love with, besides the food and cultures, is taking a walk. Every time I visit the Tuscany countryside, I seize the chance to enjoy every second of the fresh air by taking a slow relaxing walk. Last time while visiting my family in Pistoia, I […]
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Walks in Firenze: Deep into Borgo Santo Spirito

I love to walk around in Florence. To me, it is something I can’t get tired of. I was in the Borgo Santo Spirito in a rainy afternoon. Few people were on the street, but they didn’t rush to indoor place because of the bad weather. So I took it slow as well, enjoying a […]
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