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Happy Autober! My Favorite Autumn October Weekend in Tuscany

Summer is over, officially! But don’t be sad, as Autumn in October is still lively. Temperature has dropped and the weather is cooler. But for the ocean lovers, although it is now too cold to swim, it is still warm enough to lay on the beach for a sunny afternoon; for those are gelato addicted, […]
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Visit Marble Quarry in Carrara, Homeland of Michelangelo’s David

  Why should you consider a visit to the marble cave in Carrara, when you are in Tuscany? If you are into art, for example Renaissance sculptures, you should definitely come to the marble cave and see in person the raw materials before being turned into fine pieces that are admired over thousand years. If […]
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Road Trip in Casentino | Exploring The Less Touched Tuscan Valley

If I am asked to choose one expression to describe August in Florence, it would be “Chiudo Per Ferie” (Closed for Holidays). Once August arrives, I immediately found Florence more spacious. Most of the Florentines are off, leaving the city to the tourists. Don’t be surprised to find a closing door to your favorite shops […]
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Barone Ricasoli | Where The Rules Of Chianti Wine Origins

For those of you, who are Chianti wine lovers or just simply interested in Tuscany wine, do you know who was the one set the Chianti wine formula? Or you were like me, just assumed that it was an united agreement by all the Chianti wine makers long long time ago to use at least […]
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Villa Medicea di Lilliano | A Fancy Escape To The Florentine Countryside

It is flowery here, it is sunny here, it is best time to embrace everything Tuscany here! I was lucky to find two sunny days and spend them in one of the most beautiful Florentine countryside lodge: Villa Medicea di Lilliano. It is a perfect venue for wedding receptions. Visiting as a guest, even in […]
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Best of the Year: To My First Year in Italy (May 2015 – April 2016)

Time flies faster than we realize. In a few weeks, I will officially be one-year resident in Florence. Looking back to the past year, I feel so blessed: I managed to settle here, made quite a number of local friends, traveled around Tuscany, armed myself with knowledge of Italian cultures. In the meanwhile of looking […]
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A Day Trip During the Weekend to Castello del Trebbio

It all started with Love… 1960 Eugenie who was heading to Italy from Austria, met the man of her life on the train. They got married, had five kids together. And on 1968 they decided to buy the Castello del Trebbio and live there full-time! They started to plant vineyard, olive trees, and made their […]
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Photo Diary: Florence Gelato Festival

After a fabulous Saturday, Sunday was taken a bit slow, and come with more food. It was the last day of the Gelato Festival in Florence, so I decided to go and take a look. It seems the weather could read minds and knew when to be easy on us. It was rainy cats and dog the whole morning, then in the afternoon it turned sunny and warm. We arrived in Piazzale Michelangelo for our after-lunch dessert: gelato!

My #EXPOTuscany: Two Summer Specials in Florence (A Fortress and A Tower)

One of the best things of being an expat is that you live in a city with heart of a tourist. Florence makes my expat life so easy (so far) as there are lots of interesting stuff going on. I am constantly surprised by this city for all the new things happening. Maybe because I […]
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Cena Bianca, Where You Dress up in White and Have Lots of Fun

Those who have watched Gossip Girl must remember on Season 2 Episode 1, Serena and Nate were caught kissing on the White Stage Party, which was thrown on Long Island. While the characters might be fictional, but the party is for real! And in real life, it happend in Florence!