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3 Foodie Takes and Special Offer from Urban Adventures Florence

I adore this period of the year! It is the best time to enjoy times outdoor: weather starts to get warm, sometimes it can get a little bit hot, but still sweet. The days are longer and longer, so an post-dinner slow walk is back onto the daily schedule again! And what makes a casual […]
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Best of the Year: To My First Year in Italy (May 2015 – April 2016)

Time flies faster than we realize. In a few weeks, I will officially be one-year resident in Florence. Looking back to the past year, I feel so blessed: I managed to settle here, made quite a number of local friends, traveled around Tuscany, armed myself with knowledge of Italian cultures. In the meanwhile of looking […]
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A Day Trip to La Foce: Secret Garden Tour Followed by Real Local Taste

Tuck away my heavy feather jacket, take out my trench coat and colorful ballerina shoes, as the Spring is officially here! Me and my husband had been wanting a nice day trip in Tuscany for a while, however the past unpredictable weather held us from actually doing it. But last week we finally made it! […]
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A Day Trip During the Weekend to Castello del Trebbio

It all started with Love… 1960 Eugenie who was heading to Italy from Austria, met the man of her life on the train. They got married, had five kids together. And on 1968 they decided to buy the Castello del Trebbio and live there full-time! They started to plant vineyard, olive trees, and made their […]
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Weekend in Venice, Right On Time for the Carnival

There are some must-dos on my list after moving to Italy, one of them is to see the Venetian Carnival. The hand-made sophisticated masks and those eyes hidden behind had been fascinating me since long time. This year the Venetian Carnival falls between 23 January to 9 February. Having the willingness of my parents-in-law to take […]
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Photo Diary: Florence Gelato Festival

After a fabulous Saturday, Sunday was taken a bit slow, and come with more food. It was the last day of the Gelato Festival in Florence, so I decided to go and take a look. It seems the weather could read minds and knew when to be easy on us. It was rainy cats and dog the whole morning, then in the afternoon it turned sunny and warm. We arrived in Piazzale Michelangelo for our after-lunch dessert: gelato!

My #EXPOTuscany: Two Summer Specials in Florence (A Fortress and A Tower)

One of the best things of being an expat is that you live in a city with heart of a tourist. Florence makes my expat life so easy (so far) as there are lots of interesting stuff going on. I am constantly surprised by this city for all the new things happening. Maybe because I […]
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My #EXPOTuscany: Move in Cortona, Under the Tuscan Sun

If you are a fan of Tuscany , as well as photography, consider to visit Cortona On The Move (#COTM2015), the travel photography exhibition in Cortona, which brings you around to see the hidden beauties of the town.

Cena Bianca, Where You Dress up in White and Have Lots of Fun

Those who have watched Gossip Girl must remember on Season 2 Episode 1, Serena and Nate were caught kissing on the White Stage Party, which was thrown on Long Island. While the characters might be fictional, but the party is for real! And in real life, it happend in Florence!

Three My Favorite Ice Cream Shops (Gelateria) in Florence City Center

Three things have started to play bigger part in my routine life since I moved to Italy: water with lemon juice, prosecco, and gelato (ice cream). A cup of water with the juice of half lemon is the first thing I take in the morning; in the evening before dinner, me and my husband would […]
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