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Four-Day Family Trip to Madrid

It is good to be back and update something fun here after a long break! In the past few months we’ve been quiet and basically stayed around Florence, ever since the 2018 summer holiday in Puglia. The very first trip of 2019 was to Madrid, Spain. We went during the Easter holiday and stayed 4 […]
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Taking My Parents Out of Town: A Weekend in Barcelona

After one and half year having me moved to Florence, at the end of October 2016 finally my parents came to Italy, for the 3rd time in their life, to visit. Staying in a Florentine apartment in cozy Borgo San Frediano, playing with their grandson in the morning, shuffling in the city like a local, […]
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Three Things Asian Tourists Do That Europeans May Not Understand

Walking on the streets of Florence, or other cities in Italy, or other countries in Europe, do you find certain Asian tourist behavior “mystifies” you. We know that they love shopping, they sometimes use umbrella in the sunny days, and they drink pure hot water right off boiling (Yeah baby, that’s me!)… Any other Asian tourists […]
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