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A Day Trip to La Foce: Secret Garden Tour Followed by Real Local Taste

Tuck away my heavy feather jacket, take out my trench coat and colorful ballerina shoes, as the Spring is officially here! Me and my husband had been wanting a nice day trip in Tuscany for a while, however the past unpredictable weather held us from actually doing it. But last week we finally made it! […]
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Brunch at Florian: A Delicious Thing to Do on Sunday

My obsession to brunch dated back to the days when I watched Sex and the City: putting on a cute outfit, meeting girlfriends on a lazy Sunday afternoon, chatting at a table full of food: bacon, eggs, bread, shrimp, pasta, pancakes, pudding…… and cocktail! I call it occasion of the three F: Friends, Food & Fashion.

To Borgo, with Love 💕

If one day I am the tour guide for my friends in Florence, I would take them to those local districts, where they find one-next-to-the-other houses with the terracotta roof, those green shutter windows, and the campanelli next to the vintage doors. AKA, the Borgo!!!

Amblé: Oasis Right in the Florence City Center

“Where can I go if I’d like to have a snack/ a relaxing break in a quiet and nice environment, and still close to the city center of Florence?” I would say one of the best options is Amble, a restaurant hiding in a small piazza, only 100 meters away from Ponte Vecchio. Locating in […]
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The Ultimate Brunch: Sunday at La Ménagère

How is a “perfect Sunday” for you? In my version, it includes: waking up in a sunny morning, having a coffee at the table together with my beloved family, taking a walk along the Arno river…… Oh, and between the coffee and the walk, definitely a PERFECT brunch, which contains ham and cheese, eggs and […]
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A Tuscany Countryside Dining Experience: Agriturismo Dinner at Podere La Fausta

If Italy makes me fall in love with Italian food, then Tuscany makes me fall for dining in Tuscany countryside. Podere La Fausta is an agriturismo restaurant located on top of a hill in serravalle Pistoiese, and I’ve been there twice. The first time I was in the middle of selecting venue for my wedding rehearsal dinner, and La Fausta […]
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