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Three Favorites from Supermarkets: To A Good Start of 2016!

3 favorite items for home-cooking from the supermarkets. Eating at home is getting more interesting in 2016!

Il Mercato Centrale: Cozy Street Food for Everyone

When a friend proposed to go for lunch in the fresh market Il Mercato Centrale the first time, I wasn’t quite convinced. I’ve seen similar things in Hong Kong: restaurants in the local fresh market, where people eat fast food sharing tables in the chaos environment. It is nice for experiment, but not for enjoyable […]
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A Comforting Fall Dish: Pumpkin Risotto

Summer has officially gone. The color of the city has changed from bright green to the crispy brown. I can find kinds of fruits on the trees in the Tuscany countryside: apples, pears, pomegranate, olives…… It is the harvest season, it is the feast period! pomegranate on the tree olives ready to be tasted I […]
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A Pizza Night in Borgo Santo Spirito

Pizza night in Piazza Santo Spirito, where is a versatile place to me. There are many restaurants, where you can have sit-down dinner of big treat such as Fiorentina, or a simple and quick pasta or pizza dinner.

My #EXPOTuscany: Certaldo Alto’s Day and Night

What brings more than 27,000 visitors to Certaldo Alto, a medieval Tuscany upper town where population is only around 200?! See my 1st #ExpoTuscany blogpost about my experience in Certaldo Alto when there is the annual street art festival Mercantia 2015!

How I Spend €5 Three Ways in Florence!

As a new comer in Italy, before having a local bank account I always find myself in short of pocket cash. In order to save the energies from going to the ATM everyday, I try to utilize credit card as much as possible, and more importantly make the best use of the Euro in my […]
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Three My Favorite Ice Cream Shops (Gelateria) in Florence City Center

Three things have started to play bigger part in my routine life since I moved to Italy: water with lemon juice, prosecco, and gelato (ice cream). A cup of water with the juice of half lemon is the first thing I take in the morning; in the evening before dinner, me and my husband would […]
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