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5 Tips Helped Me Getting Over Annoying Sickness

Italy is a beautiful place. There are many good reasons you can think of to live in this country. I am happy that I have the chance to move here and be part of the “dolce vita (sweet life)”. However nothing is perfect, so as a Chinese expat starting a new life in Florence. Ever […]
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A Comforting Fall Dish: Pumpkin Risotto

Summer has officially gone. The color of the city has changed from bright green to the crispy brown. I can find kinds of fruits on the trees in the Tuscany countryside: apples, pears, pomegranate, olives…… It is the harvest season, it is the feast period! pomegranate on the tree olives ready to be tasted I […]
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Cena Bianca, Where You Dress up in White and Have Lots of Fun

Those who have watched Gossip Girl must remember on Season 2 Episode 1, Serena and Nate were caught kissing on the White Stage Party, which was thrown on Long Island. While the characters might be fictional, but the party is for real! And in real life, it happend in Florence!

Still Three Things to Adapt, Otherwise So Far So Good

I finally moved and settled in Florence city. Two weeks are only enough for getting the residency in Florence, shopping daily necessaries, and many times moving back and forth from in-laws to our new apartment. It is tiring but I am so glad to make it! Comparing to Hong Kong, the city that I lived […]
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