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Moments on Instagram: My 2nd Year in Italy (May 2016 – April 2017)

Since two years, May has become a special month in my life, for it was May two years ago that we moved to Italy. It is said that when you are enjoying, you forget about time. When drafting this post while reviewing the memories of last year, it seemed like everything just happened yesterday! Around this […]
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5 Questions To: Georgette Jupe

The interviewee of the 3rd episode of my #5QuestionsTo is a no stranger to us: Georgette Jupe! If you search for travel information about Florence online, most likely you would end up to her blog Girl In Florence, where you find valuable and practical information on traveling/ living in Florence. Besides being the writer to […]
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How I fulfill my Asian food craves in Florence

Surviving rules of a Chinese expat in Florence Taste is part of our memories. A special taste may not remain in our mouth for a long period, but it will always take a place inside our brains and heart! I deeply believe that no matter how many years a person lives abroad, and how much he/ […]
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Florence vs. Hong Kong | Comparison by An Asian Expat in Italy

  Finally after one year, this article comes out. During my first year in Florence, I’ve kept receiving questions from friends, sometimes my readers, asking: How is life in Italy? Do you like it here? Do you miss Hong Kong…… Origin from China, I do miss my cultures, my family and friends a lot. But […]
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Best of the Year: To My First Year in Italy (May 2015 – April 2016)

Time flies faster than we realize. In a few weeks, I will officially be one-year resident in Florence. Looking back to the past year, I feel so blessed: I managed to settle here, made quite a number of local friends, traveled around Tuscany, armed myself with knowledge of Italian cultures. In the meanwhile of looking […]
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My Interview by Local Newspaper Il Reporter

My March starts well. After a rainy week in the past, finally we are facing a few days of sunshine (although the past weekend is quite wet and cold). Another thing that makes me happier is reading my interview published on the local newspaper Il Reporter. Valentina Veneziano, a journalist and  freelance writer, did an […]
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Three Favorites from Supermarkets: To A Good Start of 2016!

3 favorite items for home-cooking from the supermarkets. Eating at home is getting more interesting in 2016!

5 Tips Helped Me Getting Over Annoying Sickness

Italy is a beautiful place. There are many good reasons you can think of to live in this country. I am happy that I have the chance to move here and be part of the “dolce vita (sweet life)”. However nothing is perfect, so as a Chinese expat starting a new life in Florence. Ever […]
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How I Spend €5 Three Ways in Florence!

As a new comer in Italy, before having a local bank account I always find myself in short of pocket cash. In order to save the energies from going to the ATM everyday, I try to utilize credit card as much as possible, and more importantly make the best use of the Euro in my […]
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Still Three Things to Adapt, Otherwise So Far So Good

I finally moved and settled in Florence city. Two weeks are only enough for getting the residency in Florence, shopping daily necessaries, and many times moving back and forth from in-laws to our new apartment. It is tiring but I am so glad to make it! Comparing to Hong Kong, the city that I lived […]
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