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Lerici and more to come

3 Day Trip Ideas for Families with Kids

Winter is a tough period of the year. And for families with kids, it is even tougher. Why is that? Putting aside that the weather is usually not preferred, aka either rainy or gloomy, we need to think of methods to entertaining the kids at home. During the whole almost always raining December, I scratched […]
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My Cinque Terre Trip | Photo diary and travel tips

Cinque Terre being one of the most famous places in Italy has been visited, talked, reviewed million times in different platforms. I was shy to admit that after living in Italy for more than two years, I hadn’t visited this enchanted place. But this October things had been changed! Thanks to my girl Iris, who […]
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The View of Monterosso, A Payback of Endurant Efforts

I had visited Cinque Terre twice. The first time it was in 2012, a few months after the area was washed by a terrible flood. The villages were in re-construction, and everywhere we saw was in maintenance. It was so disappointed that we couldn’t see the beautiful Cinque Terre as we always see in the […]
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Lerici: A Silver Lining under the Cloud

We dropped by Lerici on the way to Cinque Terre. We didn’t plan to visit here, but simply because we were lost. Apparently we were too confident and we assumed Cinque Terre should be easy to reach, so we hit the road without any route research. But “every cloud has a silver lining”. Guess eventually […]
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