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Weekend in Rome, Explore Eternal City in Unusual Way

โ€œHave you (physically) been to Rome?โ€ โ€œYes! Ten years ago!โ€ โ€œHave you really seen Rome?โ€ โ€œ…No.โ€ Ten years ago, I arrived Rome with my best friend. Of course we visited Rome in the Chinese way: we went to the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill, the Vatican City, tracing a famous gelateria listed on the tourist guide, […]
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Colosseum, Gone Architecture that Hasn’t been Forgotten

Rome, one of the cities that I’ve been dreaming to visit since I was a little girl (probably influenced by the romantic movie by Audrey Hepburn like all the other girls do). And when in Rome, do what you must do: Visit the Colosseum! It is a great architecture that has been through a lot […]
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