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Beautiful south Italy including Napoli, Pompei, etc.

Treat in the Treasure: A Panini While Visiting Pompei

If you are into UNESCO world heritage sites, then Pompei is a MUST when you are in Naples. However as great and astonishing as it is, don’t just go there without preparations. By preparations, I mean Food and Water! While you are inside the Pompei site, it is easy to get attracted by those ancient […]
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Swarm of Birds Flying in the Sky of Napoli

Walking out of the train station in Napoli (Naples), the first thing that caught my eyes was this swarm of birds flying above the sky. They hovered back and forth over the square, attracting people arriving there by “shouting” to us. I edit this photo into Black and White, as it recalls my arrival in […]
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Abandoned City Pompei: A Dream Slept Thousands Years

I find the pictures of my Pompei trip taken years ago, and think this would be a good fit for this week’s photo challenge: abandoned. Pompei is regarded a miracle of nature. It was so prosperous and advance, and one day all of a sudden the whole city was buried under ash. Guess God obviously […]
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