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How I fulfill my Asian food craves in Florence

Surviving rules of a Chinese expat in Florence Taste is part of our memories. A special taste may not remain in our mouth for a long period, but it will always take a place inside our brains and heart! I deeply believe that no matter how many years a person lives abroad, and how much he/ […]
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3 Foodie Takes and Special Offer from Urban Adventures Florence

I adore this period of the year! It is the best time to enjoy times outdoor: weather starts to get warm, sometimes it can get a little bit hot, but still sweet. The days are longer and longer, so an post-dinner slow walk is back onto the daily schedule again! And what makes a casual […]
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Three Favorites from Supermarkets: To A Good Start of 2016!

3 favorite items for home-cooking from the supermarkets. Eating at home is getting more interesting in 2016!

5-Minute Recipe: Tomato Sauce for Pasta

My tips of how to prepare tomato sauce in a super quick and easy way. It takes only five minutes (or even less), and it is a perfect dish for family meal.

A Comforting Fall Dish: Pumpkin Risotto

Summer has officially gone. The color of the city has changed from bright green to the crispy brown. I can find kinds of fruits on the trees in the Tuscany countryside: apples, pears, pomegranate, olives…… It is the harvest season, it is the feast period! pomegranate on the tree olives ready to be tasted I […]
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Easy and Quick Pasta for Lunch: Fettuccine with Pork and Pomodoro Sauce

Being a member in a mix family, I need to be creative from time to time. Given the fact that my husband is an italian, who is picky in food by born, my creativities are consumed majorly in cooking. Since my mother-in-law, who is a good italian chef, is living far away from us, I […]
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A Delicious and Easy-to-Prepare Pasta: Linguini Carbonara

Carbonara is always my choice when I am super hungry and craving for pasta. It takes really short time to prepare, and even the first-time cook is able to make a delicious one. Plus the egg and bacon make it a heavy dish, helping the person in famine (here refers to me) to get full […]
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Acquacotta: My First Trial of Making Tuscan Soup

I am not good at cooking complicated stuff, that’s why I am always in search for simple recipes. I like Tuscan soup, but I used to keep a distance from cooking one. To me, it seemed complicated to cook: it has smashed vegetables inside, and with thick texture, etc. It is just so different from a Chinese […]
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Insalata di Riso: A Dish without Recipe

The reason why I call it a dish without recipe is because it is so easy to prepare. You may know how to make it on seeing the picture. I learned it from one of my Italian friends when she invited me for dinner in her apartment last time I visited Italy. Interestingly I find […]
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3 Easy Ways to Eat Ricotta: for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

During my last holiday staying with parents-in-law, I learnt some ways of having ricotta in different dishes. It is easy to prepare, tasting good, and commonly used in home made Italian dishes. I’d like to share them here, and hope you will like them as well. 🙂 1. For Breakfast: Ricotta with Fette Biscottate I […]
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