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A 1-2 days escape to another place

A Day Trip During the Weekend to Castello del Trebbio

It all started with Love… 1960 Eugenie who was heading to Italy from Austria, met the man of her life on the train. They got married, had five kids together. And on 1968 they decided to buy the Castello del Trebbio and live there full-time! They started to plant vineyard, olive trees, and made their […]
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Weekend in Venice, Right On Time for the Carnival

There are some must-dos on my list after moving to Italy, one of them is to see the Venetian Carnival. The hand-made sophisticated masks and those eyes hidden behind had been fascinating me since long time. This year the Venetian Carnival falls between 23 January to 9 February. Having the willingness of my parents-in-law to take […]
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Weekend in Rome, Explore Eternal City in Unusual Way

“Have you (physically) been to Rome?” “Yes! Ten years ago!” “Have you really seen Rome?” “…No.” Ten years ago, I arrived Rome with my best friend. Of course we visited Rome in the Chinese way: we went to the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill, the Vatican City, tracing a famous gelateria listed on the tourist guide, […]
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