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Hi there, this is Sasha! Welcome to my blog, where I share my expat life and Chinese home cooking in the beautiful country of Italy.

I was born in Shenyang, a city locates in the northern-east China. For the past 8 years, I lived in Hong Kong, one of the most interesting cities in the world, where different cultures meet and get along so well with each other. After experienced such a city of modern art, I decided to have something classic. And that’s why I am where I am now: Florence!

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” It is truly the practice in Italy. Here the Italian cultures are so dominant that others can hardly take in. As a newbie, I can’t wait to discover and see how my new life will be. Join me and let’s see what kind of sparkles will be made when the Asian meet the Roman attitude, would you?

Why name it Stai Al Borgo

The idea of starting a blog traces back to the 2012 New Year’s Eve, when for the first time I stayed over the night in my cozy apartment Borgo San Frediano 83 in Florence. At that time, I had not moved to Florence yet, I was visiting as a tourist. However the experiences of wandering around the city in the middle of the night, attending public concert in Piazza della Signoria, counting down for the new year among the crowds, etc. made me feel like a local resident. And at that moment I had the dream of moving to Florence and living here!

Now my dream has come true! I’ve been living in Florence since 2015. During the past years, I’ve experienced a lot, grown together with my family. Through this blog, I’d like to share my real life as an expat in Florence, trips and daily life journey, sweet and bitter, ups and downs, etc. to any of you, who is searching for a nice trip in Florence, as well as new adventures in life!

Stai is the Italian word for Stay; Borgo refers to Borgo San Frediano, where the idea of this blog started.

Chopsticks Al Borgo

Besides taking trips to discover Il Bel Paese (the beautiful country), I’ve also developed a hobby: cooking! it started from a personal eager of fulfilling my nostalgia appetite to the Asian flavor, I started to recreate many Chinese home dishes in our kitchen: dumplings, noodles, fried rice, sauteed veggies, etc. From there I started to share my passion for Asian and Chinese cuisine with local community. I’ve done some dumpling cooking classes, home-chef dinners with some Florentine families. It was such a great experience to watch them learn, prepare and eat my home dishes. That’s why I am also sharing my cooking journey and recipes here under the “Cook & Eat” section, as well as a food dedicated instagram account @chopsticksalborgo.

Thanks for visiting! And don’t be shy to say HI!

20 thoughts on “Sasha & This Blog

    • Ciao Lulu. Big thank you for stopping by at my blog! My pleasure to have you here. Your art works look amazing. Even though my Italian is not good enough to understand everything yet, but I will keep visiting as well. πŸ™‚
      See you around!


  1. Heh heh, we have something in common! I feel like a part-time resident of Italy too – but not Florence, Rome – because my husband, though not Italian (Albanian), grew up there, speaks perfect Italiand and has family living there. We visit often and now Rome feels like another home in the world…especially Porta Pia where his grandfather lives. πŸ™‚


  2. Stai al Borgo is a beautifully well-written Blog, and worth of Follow plus the trendy travel photography!
    Congratulations on the success of Stai al Borgo Sasha and looking forward for more of your amazing travel stories in Florence.
    I am so pleased to meet you here and get to know you closer and doing the Expat Mama project. Thank you for gracing my page and spreading inspiration to all the Expat Mamas out there to continue pursuing the things that they love,be it traveling, photography, cooking or taking care of their little ones.
    Your example is worth to mention that even as mothers, we can’t afford to forget taking care of ourselves first so we can take care of the people closest to our hearts!
    Brava Sasha!


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