summer in Sölden: A holiday of hiking with family

Day 2: 007 Element, Lake Piburger See

The next day in the morning we took the cable car from Bergbahnen Sölden station up to Bergstation Gaislachkogl to visit the top of the mountain, and the 007 Element museum.

Stepping out the cable car station on top of the mountain, Andrea immediately asked me to go further towards the “end of the road”, which is basically the edge of the mountain. To go there, you need to step on the rocks rather than a normal road. I was surprised and proud that Andrea was so brave and he was the one leading me to go up to the end. I was doubting if I could or should go such further with my kid, but he was fearless and kept moving forward.

Coming back I stayed with Stefano, meanwhile my husband took Andrea to the 007 Element museum to see the installations for the Spectre movie shooting.

In the afternoon we were on an exploring mood and hoping to visit the lake Piburger See.

Piburger See is a major lake in the Oetz region. It was famous and from the pictures we saw it was beautiful. However our first attempt to go there was not very successful. We started from the Habichen then headed into the forest, following the sign on the way towards Piburger See. It was indeed a nice trek surrounded by high trees and wet lands, which shall take 1 hour to arrive at the lake. If we hadn’t forget the baby carrier we would definitely continue with this route up to the destination. We actually had lots of fun for the first 20 minutes of walking. Then the road started to get steep and bumpy, we decided to return and try from another place.

Second try started from the village center next to the lake, where the road Piburg led us directly towards the lake. There was a small piece of the lake directly connected with the road, from where we arrived. Right next to it was a trail going through the forest leading to the platform on the other side of the lake. However this trail turned out even harder than the previous one, narrow and super bumpy, impossible to go with the stroller. Sadly we had to do the U-turn again. We stayed with the kids for a few minutes at the lake bank before left.

It was a pity we forgot the baby carrier, otherwise both trails could be very interesting for a family hike.

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