summer in Sölden: A holiday of hiking with family

For a few years my husband has been trying to convince me to spend a summer vacation in the mountain. But there was always something about the sea that I wouldn’t want to miss in the hot summer days. So we had never hit the mountains in the hot August break. This year due to the Covid-19, the packed seaside was no more a preferred option, I couldn’t think of a better time for us to head into a mountainous place.

Stuffed some warm autumn clothes into the luggage, we set our way to Sölden (Soelden), an Austrian town close to the border with Italy, which is famous as a ski destination. We were willing to discover what it could offer in the summer days.

Holiday with small kids (our second son Stefano just turned 6 month old, meanwhile Andrea is 6 year already. Time flies!) is all about taking it easy and trying our best to stay with the routine. I know it is almost impossible to have the same, or even 80%, the schedule that we had been built at home for the baby, but if we choose something less time consuming and easy to do, we still can manage to have everybody in the family enjoying the beauty of this mountainous town. This was why we’ve decided to fill our itineraries with easy family hikes and kids playgrounds.

I found Sölden a perfect place for all kinds of hiking lovers. No matter you are family with kids (like us) looking for easy walks, or teens/ twenties that are eager for challenging climbs, you always find your type of trek. Here I am sharing what we had done during the week there, what we loved and mistakes made, etc. Hope you find it attractive and helpful in your future family trip planning.

Day 1: Hiking in Niederthai towards Larstigalm small zoo

First day started sunny and bright, which was a beautiful surprise to me. I was worried that the weather would be cloudy or rainy with low temperature as indicated in the weather forecast. Still we brought an additional layer for the kids in case the temperature changed dramatically in the forest.

Taking off from the parking lot, we immediately entered into a panorama view of mountains, meadow, and the village. From there we started to climb. Andrea was already super excited and ran ahead of us.

After 45 minutes of walk in the forest, we arrived in an open area where we saw the little fall running down from the mountain. It was a pleasant view, as well a very much needed break. There you could choose to pause for a few minutes sitting on the chair to enjoy a bit the Austrian mountain vibe, or you could keep on walking along the river running a long the way, which was what we did.

There were so many nice things to discover on the way. Even a mushroom could make the kids so excited!

Route: starting from Niederthai parking lot towards Larstigalm
Walking time: 1hour – 1.5hour
Gear suggested: baby carrier (Baby stroller was not recommended for this route, since the road was rough and climbing at the beginning. However if you prefer bring the stroller, I did see certain families pushing their kids in the stroller when we almost arrived at the ending point. In their case, they started from Bischofsplatz car park. From there the road was much wider and flat, which made the stroller possible.)

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