All About Food! Join Me to TUTTOFOOD Milan 2021

Hello August! As I was super excited and busy packing for our summer vacation today, I realized that we have had major part of 2020 passed. During the quickly passed 7 months, many things had happened: I gave birth to my second baby Stefano, my first boy turned 6, I finally got my Italian driver license after working on it for one year and half. Oh! Don’t forget about the LOCKDOWN due to the COVID-19.

It is not exaggerating to say that our life has been changed since the COVID-19! If there are two things, which we can all agree on after closing ourselves indoor for 2 months, that would be: first you can never wash your hands too many times; and second we can always find pieces of comfort and happiness from food!

During the quarantine period, it seemed everybody was opening a bakery shop at home. I remember seeing my friends through internet kneading dough, involving kids in the kitchen to make a cake, or even sharing their homemade lunch pictures on Instagram, etc. And I did all of these mentioned! Yes, the virus may ground us, but food manages to bring us together.

After the lockdown and we are gradually getting life back to normal, as the chef of the family, I am more eager to learn new recipes and bring healthier diet into our daily life. This is why I am super excited to be one of the ambassadors for the TUTTOFOOD Milan 2021 and get invited to attend this event in next May!

TUTTOFOOD is an international B2B trade show dedicated to food & beverage industry, which is held every two years. Over the past 7 editions, it has become one of the most important international food fairs. In the 2019 edition, it attracted over three thousand brands from 43 countries to showcase their food products.

In the up-coming edition of TUTTOFOOD 2021, worldwide food vendors will again get together and showcase the innovative ideas on food and taste. More than ten categories of exhibitors will be presented covering dairy, meat, pasta, grocery, wine, sweet, healthy/ vegetarian, and foreign food, etc.

We don’t get many opportunities to have food from 5 continents gathering in one place at the same time. And it is always a good idea to learn new trends in food and dining area. These days it is even essential and important to master healthier ways in food preparation without compromising on taste. Besides knowing that there will be many Asian brands, I can’t wait to be on this adventure and discover some exotic food products, which are hard to find in our local stores.


I will be updating blog posts here, as well as sharing stories on my foodie Instagram (@cinaintavola) in the coming months. Join me and let’s discover this exciting food festival together!

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