Time For The Annual Event Again: ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO

After one month of rainy early Spring, it is finally bright and sunny here in Florence. Flowers are blossoming, birds are singing, sunshine pours into your window when you get up in the early morning…… It is time again to enjoy outdoor activities and start planning something, which would make your week, month, year, etc.


With May is approaching, I can’t help to remember the one of a kind annual event in town: Artigianato e Palazzo!


ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO … Its primary objective was to take a new look and provide a contemporary context for craftspeople and their crafts as the expression of quality and technique, not only in terms of clients, but also focusing on the concept of artisan workmanship which, by nature, is “modern” but solidly based in tradition.

Last year I was there as one of the bloggers for the event. It turned out one of my favorites and I couldn’t stop admiring (and buying) the artisan products displayed there.



The Giardino Corsini  gets the event enchanted by surrounding each artisan’s booth with flowers and bushes.

Concealed behind the high walls along the viale, the Corsini Garden is usually a secret spot closed for public visit. But for this event, it opens its door and welcome the outside to come in and take a tour inside. It is an over 200 year garden with sculptures and plants all around. When you visit different artisan’s booth, you will actually take a tour around the garden itself.

artigianato e palazzoartigianato e palazzoartigianato e palazzoartigianato e palazzo



The ultimate reason that this event is so special and not-to-be-missed is that it gathers artisans all over Italy into one place, where you can see their demonstration their works and also talk to them!

Each year the Artigianato e Palazzo event will pre-select artisans and present them in the exhibition. There are artisans of all kinds: hand craft jewelry, tailored costume, soap and perfume, book binding, oil and biscuits, etc.

Last year I had the chance to interview few of them, and it was a great experience to get to know the stories of their work and life, as well to appreciate their work in a more knowledgeable way.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetDSCF5782DSCF5783



Certain artisans schedule their own workshop inside the exhibition to showcase and teach how they made their hand crafts, which makes this event a perfect educational occasion. Plan a special day of hanging out with your girlfriend, or a family day with your kids here will make you a day to remember.



Since many of the artisans joining the exhibition do not have a retail shop, or they only work on demand, it is almost impossible to find their work among the usual shops on the street. So when you are lucky to find them in the Artigianato e Palazzo, don’t let them or their craft slip away! Cease this once-a-year chance and do a little shopping. You only will regret for not buying enough later.

Last year I bought two pairs of handmade earrings from Vincenzo Spano, an artisan who found his passion in hand-making bead jewelry while resting on bed to recover from an accident. Now he works with fashion designers for tailored jewelry making, and has not yet open any retail shop in town.



This year the 24th edition of Artigianato e Palazzo will be held on 17 – 20 May.

Check here to see more fun events in May in Florence!



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