11 Reasons to (Dis)like Sardinia

I am back from Sardinia after spending two weeks there, taking sun baths, diving in the sea, and playing together with my boys (husband and son). If you follow my Instagram as well, you probably already know that I didn’t enjoy this holiday. Why? I’ve come up with 11 reasons to dislike Sardinia to share with you here. Check them out, so that you will be more careful when booking a trip to Sardinia in the future.

The water is too clear

The sea water was so clear that I could see my feet through it! I mean… who wants that! I know how my feet look like!

reason to dislike sardinia

The beaches are wild

Unlike the Tuscan style where beaches are all divided into β€œbagno”, Sardinia beaches are public. But excuse me, I’d like to pay for it!

The beaches are family friendly

Beaches there are quite wide, extending to long distance to the sea. With the shallowness, kids can play in the water safely.

reason to dislike sardinia

Some seafood, anybody?

Raw shrimps! Are you kidding me?! I prefer the frozen fishes from the supermarket!!!

reason to dislike sardinia

I found out surprisingly that although it is an island, Sardinia is not famous for seafood. A local guide explained to me that historically Sardinia had been a place attacked constantly by foreign forces. In order to be save and to take control more land, the Sardinia people moved to the mountains. This is also why shepherds are popular there, but not fishermen. But still enjoying some seafood in Sardinia is necessary.


Too many flowers everywhere

I mean can there Be less flowers? We are not enjoying them at all.

reason to dislike sardinia

Local market for artisan products

Sorry, we are here in Sardinia for the sea. Other than that, I couldn’t care less.

reason to dislike sardiniareason to dislike sardinia

Slowfood restaurants up in the mountain

To visit a local slowfood restaurant, I have to drive up to 900 meters in the mountain?! Sorry I went there for food, not for carsick.

reason to dislike sardinia

Colorful houses decorating the streets

Sorry there are already enough flowers, what are you doing now? Blind me with bright and lovely colors?!

reason to dislike sardinia

Natural park with wild animals

Ahhhh, if you want to see wild animals, I will choose a holiday in Africa.

reason to dislike sardinia

Under the mountains and above the sea, there are also the grotto

Again something to drag me out of the water? Alright I will take a look~

reason to dislike sardiniareason to dislike sardinia

Stories behind the Sardinia flag

Have you also wondered who are the four guys on the Sardinia flag? Well, I don’t know, who cares…

We were curious about the four Moors and the stories behind the Sardinia flag, so we talked with different locals and the conversations turned out the funnest experience of the holiday. Because everyone have their only version!

One of the popular version, which the internet seems agree, is that the four Moors were the four generals from Africa attaching Sardinia. After Sardinia people defeated them, they cut off the generals heads, and hanged one on each part of the Sardinia island, to showcase their victory to other foreign forces. There was another version told by a waiter in our resort saying those were the four slaves who lead the activities to overthrow the slavery in Sardinia.

It is always nice to talk with the locals.


As you may also aware, what I write here mean The Opposite. Who am I kidding? I LOVE the holiday in Sardinia. It was so hard to leave that Sardinia azure behind. If you are planning to visit Sardinia, be prepared as afterward you may not want to see other part of the ocean for a while.

3 thoughts on “11 Reasons to (Dis)like Sardinia

  1. You got me, Sasha! I nodded at first when you complained that the water was too clear β€” because sometimes you really don’t want to see what else is swimming in the ocean with you. But too many flowers? Ha ha! I’m sorry Sardinia sucked so much; I will be sure to avoid it at all costs. πŸ˜‰


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