Stai Al Borgo Featured on GPSmyCity Apps & Upgrade Giveaway

Hello my dear readers,

How are you enjoying the hot summer days so far! Here in Florence we have bright sunshine almost every day, long daytime that allows us to explore the city, and many new interesting places in town to be discovered… Are you also wondering how to turn these hidden gem, or suggestions from the local experts, into a personal portable city guide? That’s right, today I have a suggestion for you!

Recently I’ve collaborated with GPSmyCity, a travel app providing city walks, to turn some of my blog posts into travel routes. With an upgraded package, you can browse the articles and use their in-app GPS map without accessing to internet!

Does it sounds an innovative method for your travel planning? Let’s get to know more details about it…

What is GPSmyCity Apps

GPSmyCity is a series of travel Apps that provide city walks covering around 750 cities around the world. Each city has an individual app dedicated to itself, where multiple interesting articles can be found. With a small amount of upgrade fee, you can download the articles to your phone, and turn them into travel guides to explore the city without getting lost.


Why it worth upgrading your GPSmyCity Apps?

These days with many open sources providing free travel information, you may wonder why we should use a paid app for travel planning. Here is what I think:

a. It contains many articles contributed by local experts/ bloggers

It is true that travel information nowadays is too much to be missed, especially for those famous tourist cities. However aren’t those free information too general as well?

Rather than gathering those general information that can be found everywhere, GPSmyCity publishes articles drafted by local bloggers, which are more authentic and trust-able. Before publishing on the apps, GPSmyCity administrator screens the content and makes sure it has the features to be turned into a city-walk guide.


b. It saves your time spent in travel planning

Since all points of interests mentioned in the article are pre-embedded inside the article, rather than marking down each place on another note, all you need to do is to save the article directly from the app. When you would like to go to your place of interest, click on the “GO THERE” button. The app will guide you to the destination.


c. It works off-line!

The beauty of the GPSmyCity app is that it has an off-line map, which works well even without access to internet.

The map of the route described in the article is pre-embedded. Once you choose to UPGRADE the plan, the article is downloaded to your phone, so as the GPS coordinates. Even you decide not to purchase a local internet plan, you are still able to use the guide in the app.


An Upgrade Apps Giveaway

Certain of my articles have been featured on the GPSmyCity app. As a “Thank You” gift to YOU, my readers, I am having a give-away of an upgrade on the app to one of my articles: How I Spend €5 Three Ways in Florence!

What you need to do is:

1. Download the App to your phone:;
2. Click on the link to download the city-walk article in the app;
3. This giveaway is valid until 18-June.

Hope it will offer you a new way of discovering the attractive foreign city. And happy GPS Walking!

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