10 Mother’s Day Gift Idea: What to Get for Mom/ Wife

Three years ago, in the middle of one night in June, I was woke up by a pain in my belly. Then eighteen hours later, I pushed out our son, and life was changed ever since.

It says that one can never understand the meaning of being a parent, until he/ she becomes one. This statement to me is 100% agreeable!

I used to “envy” those Moms that can stay home with their children all day rather than going to office work; now I think full-time Mom is the hardest job in the world. I used to be one of those persons that got annoyed by crying babies on the airplane; but now I can totally bear those loud cries and be fine. At the end, who could be more miserable than that Mom, who has to take care and calm the crying little one. In fact, whoever has the courage to hit on a trip alone with babies deserves a medal! 

With the Mother’s Day right around the corner, are you searching ways to show your appreciations and love to that super-powerful woman, Mom or wife (on behalf of your kid), in the house? Being a Mom, as well a wife, I’ve come up with 10 ideas on this section, covering different categories of needs of a Mom. Hope it gives inspiration in your gift selecting process, and let’s see what they are!



Being a Mom, we have less right to be lazy. Even though I would rather skip dinner, or just order a pizza and call it a day, I still need to make sure kid’s dinner is well prepared, nutrition wise and taste wise.

Cooking is our inevitable duty. And I love it! The first gift idea for Moms that enjoy cooking is:

🎁 Le Creuset Cast Iron Cocotte

It is a very versatile cooking ware, allowing you to make soup, pasta sauce, meat stew, etc. And I even use it for cooking many Chinese dishes, such as stir fry vegetables, noodles in soup, and steam rice. A very important character of the Le Creuset cookware is that it is capable to keep the moisture of the ingredients. I used certain pans of other brands to stir-fry vegetables, and I remember many times I need to pour some extra water into the pan/ pot to keep the ingredients from burning. But with the Le Creuset products, it seldom happens. I just put the lid on for a minute, let the heat and the moisture cook together, and then it is ready to be served!

Le Creuset is a pricy brand, and if you are considering to purchase the first piece of it, my suggestion would be starting from a cocotte. It is multi-functional, easy to clean, a save & win-win choice for the Mom, as well as for the husband and kids.

A 20cm cocotte is good enough to cook for a family of 3-4.

It is true that it is a pricey brand, but as a gift to a Mom, who enjoys cooking, it is worthy! I bought my very first Le Creuset five years ago. Since then, there was no turning back! If I could, I wouldn’t mind to trade all my kitchen wares to Le Cruse products!

mother's day gift idea

Now we’ve solved the problem of the cooking equipment, let’s move forward and think about WHAT TO COOK.

Although I enjoy making dinners for my loved ones, I often find myself in a situation of “don’t know what to cook”. Let’s be honest, even the most experienced chefs need to spend time to decide the menu, no need to say that Moms, who cook almost everyday, may scratch our heads and throw you question saying “why don’t you just tell me what you want to eat?!” And that’s where my second idea comes along:

🎁 A Cookbook: ACQUACOTTA by Emiko Davis

The recently published cookbook Acquacotta by Emiko Davies is my newly favorite, which I believe a great gift idea to Moms who are passionate about cooking.

The recipes are from the south Tuscany region Maremma. And similar to the region itself, the dishes are as well “not the usual Tuscany you know”. Inside the book, recipes are categorized into 5 sections: woods, sea & lagoon, vegetable, farmhouse, sweet. You can find many vegetable and seafood recipes inside the book, which make it a good references for vegetarian and gluten free ideas!

Mother's Day gift ideas

Recipe from Acquacotta cookbook. (photo by Lauren Bamford)

And what makes Moms happier is that there are many one-pot stew recipes included! Wow, how helpful that can be! Being a Mom myself, I know exactly how it feels when those days after sending the kids out for school, after the room cleaning and laundry in the morning, you just want to have quietly read something over a cup of coffee, making a good use of those precious 2-hour free time. One-pot dish is a good solution in reducing some efforts in cooking! Throwing in the ingredients, and let it simmer! What’s even better?! Fewer cookwares to be washed! YEAH!

Shop the book here. An interview with Emiko is coming up to my #5QuestionsTo series. To know about the food writer’s thoughts on home cooking inspirations, as well as food photography, stay in tuned!!!

🎁 Last but the most heart-warming gift idea: Hand cream.

Keep our hands moisturized is important, especially for cooking Mamas! Soaking our hands in water eventually makes them dry and chapped. Thus treatments to Mama’s hands are needed.

I have extremely dry skin on my hands. Every winter, I find cracks on my fingers, which are painful and unpleasant to look at. For such reason hydrating has always been my number 1 requirement when choosing a hand cream. So far my favorite has been the hand cream by SHISEIDO.

The texture is cream in a perfect balance, not greasy nor liquid, and with the little orange urea granules inside. And when you put it on hands, it immediately melt and soak into your skin, make it moisturized and smooth.


So far I havn’t find it in any store in Florence, I always ask my friends coming from Hong Kong to smuggle 1-2 boxes for me. But luckily the Amazon sells it, so give it a try.



All Moms are beautiful, and all of them deserve good skin treatments daily. Focusing attentions on kids and taking care around the house doesn’t mean that we need to give up or stop caring our looks. We look good, we feel good. We feel good, we are happy. And if we are happy, our family is happy!

Here are some gift ideas for those Moms, who care a lot about their skin and have passion about their makeup looks. The first idea in this category are

🎁 Facial masks by Dr. Jart+ and TONYMOLY

Both brands offer different packages focusing on different problems of your skin. Apply the mask on a clean face, wait 10-15 minutes before taking it off. Then put on skincare products and hit the bed for a beauty sleep! What I like to do is putting a piece on after a shower while waiting for my hair to dryAnd then I will do something around the house: put the toys into places, do the laundry, prepare a shower for my baby, etc. When the time is up, I take off the mask, dry my hair, then do whatever needed to prepare the baby for sleep.

The formula is easy to be absorbed, not grease at all. With a gentle massage after taking the mask off, it can be easily soaked into your skin. And what I like about paper mask is that they are portable. In case you are traveling, take a few pieces with you and use whenever you want during the trip!

Another product that can make our personal beauty-care life easier is:

🎁 The Nail Polish Dryer by MAVALA

The most difficult thing in a manicure process is not squeezing out some time to sit down, cutting the nails, putting on the nail polish, but the waiting for them to dry! Gosh, it is annoying. Sometimes I feel that there are so many things waiting for me to do, but I couldn’t do anything.

With MAVALA nail polish dryer, this waiting process can be shorten into few seconds! After applying the final top coat, wait until it is all set, then spray the dryer onto the nail, E Voila!

mother's day gift idea

Another product in the beauty-care category that deserves a shout out is Lipstick, my personal favorite beauty product. In many cases when Moms go out, there is no much time, nor the necessity to put a full make up on. So a nice lip color can be a good touch to our face, and it can be a nice highlight of our look.

Hydrating formula, long-lasting, statement (even bold) color are usually my go-to criteria in searching a lipstick.

🎁 My favorite brands for lipsticks include: NARS, YSL, Tom Ford, etc.

My first birthday as a Mom, with my dear husband and 3-month son. Lip color by: YSL ROUGE PUR COUTURE SATIN RADIANCE

mother's day gift idea lipstick

An elegant & natural color on my wedding day: Tom Ford CASABLANCA

mother's day gift idea lipstick



When it comes to clothing, what Moms usually look for are pieces that are comfortable, easy to pair, and practical. We bend over, hold babies up too many times every day, garments that are too tight or with delicate details wouldn’t work for us.

🎁 A good piece for our lower body is a stretchy legging by CALZEDONIA

What I like about CALZEDONIA’s leggings is that they look like a serious pair of jeans. But in reality, they are super easy to wear. You just need to pull it up, no bottom or zipper is involved. And you pay for leggings, not jeans! Double-win!

🎁 Another easy and chic solutions are: one-piece dress (for Spring & Summer), and a long coat (for Autumn & Winter).

I adore one-piece outfit since long time, and after becoming a Mom, I’ve been loving it more. It saves so much time for me to think about what to wear and how to pair; plus it seems an option to me that never goes out of style.




In the cold season, a good alternative is a long coat covering from shoulders to knees. The minimalist silhouette of a long coat make us look tidy. And we can basically throw on anything underneath it, and still look chic from outside. LOL

Taking a walk in Genoa with my little one. Long coat by Sandro Paris.

mother's day gift idea



Above all, what we, Moms, need the most from the loved ones are care and love, sometimes a rest.

🎁 So take her off from all the work for a day, book her a massage/ Spa, do grocery for her, or give the baby to grandparents/ babysitter and take her out for a dinner, etc. 🎁 Or if you want to make it even more special, order a photo album with all the nice photos printed. Make her a hot beverage and go through the nice printed memories together with her.

Select some nice photos of the family, and make them into a photo album on Artifact Uprising (instagram: @artifactuprising). That would easily make her day.

Hope these ideas help in your brain storming process in gift choosing for Mother’s Day. As a Mom myself, these are all coming from my personal experiences and summary. And I hope who are reading this post find it inspiring in presenting love to the most beautiful woman in our life!

To all the Moms out there: wish you happy and healthy all the time. 💕

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