5 Questions To: Valentina Dainelli

A long black jacket with a black brimmed hat on top. It was the signature look of Valentina Dainelli that stuck in my mind.

The first time I met her, I thought she was too cool to talk to a stranger in English. Then the event that proved me wrong was the #WinterInRome blog tour 2016, which we both were invited to participate. On the train from Florence to Rome sitting next to each other, I was worried about what to do if she wouldn’t talk to me in English, and how awkward that would be. However it turned out she speaks perfect English, as well was talkative!

Besides speak the same second language, we also share other common things in life: we both have expat experience; we like to go with our FujiFilm to different places to take photos; and she is a Mom as well! However her family is much bigger. She has a boy, but also a dog, a cat (which I remember is named Antonio!), plus her company Lo-Studio (http://www.lostudio.agency/en/).

Valentina Dainelli
Profession: Copywriter & Blogger, SMM
Blog: http://www.toomuchtuscany.com/

1. I absolutely adore your blog name! Where did that #TooMuch come from?

First of all, thanks for the compliments, you make me blush.

The name #TooMuch comes from long time ago: it was 2006 when I opened my first blog called TooMuchShopping. I was a shopaholic and the blog was my online diary. Few months after, one of my friends nicknamed me TooMuchVale, that perfectly matched me, my figure, my soul and my ego. I would say that my entire world is #TooMuch!

2. Which is your favorite hashtag on Instagram, besides #TooMuchTuscany? And why?

There are few tags I love but my favorite about travel is #whatitalyis, because it well shows what Italy is: toomuch to see, toomuch beautiful, toomuch to eat, toomuch to experience, toomuch different.

#5QuestionsTo Valentina Dainelli

3. What made you start your own communication agency? Your greatest strength?

This is a good question and I don’t have a smart answer. I think the ingredients in my pot when I decided to start Lo-Studio Visionary Agency were foolishness, resolution, passion, right timing. My greatest strength is probably to be the only woman in the team, with every pros and cons.

4. Being a business woman and a Mom at the same time, what challenges/ annoys you THE MOST?!

The ultimate challenge is to find a good balance between my family and my work. Sometimes it is hard to be in the business and be a present mother, so my goal for this year is to have 2 afternoons dedicated to my son to spend some time with him. What annoys me the most is being the only mother in my team, because sometimes men don’t understand the different role I have in the family.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I lived in New York, London and Bologna, but I recently realized I love Tuscany toomuch to move anywhere else. Sometimes it happens to talk about moving outside Italy with my husband Mario: Great Britain, Germany and Sweden are the most appreciated.

But if I had to choose one place, I would say Great Britain.

#5QuestionsTo Valentina Dainelli

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