5 Questions To: Valentina Veneziano

“Valentina” is one of the most popular Italian names. After only two years living in Florence, I’ve known multiple “Valentina”s among my group of friends. The first episode of #5QuestionsTo is dedicated to the first Valentina I met in Florence: Valentina Veneziano.

After bumping into each other a few times in different events, we started to hang out in private. Each time we would choose a different bar. With her, I’ve conquered certain interesting places in town. Over a cup of coffee, we update to each other new things happens at work, as well as in personal life. My Italian is far from fluent, and most of the time she has to speak English for me. Sometimes our conversation goes slowly and peacefully. 😛

Despite of the little linguistic obstacles, she still manages to inspire me every time we meet. Besides cheering me on doing things I am already doing, she also encourages me to try new things. For example this “5 Questions To” series is somehow thanks to her!

She has one of the cutest blog Valinapostit, where you find contents about stationery, blogging, and Instagramming. Although I couldn’t get everything about what she writes in the blog posts (as it is in Italian), I am following closely to her Instagram account @val_ina. Her own creations of the photos using different stationery are my favorite!

The minute you open her Instagram profile, you get pieces of Valentina Veneziano shown in front of you: sweet, positive, and creative.

Valentina Veneziano
Profession: Blogger and freelance journalist
Blog: http://valinapost.it/

1. Where do you search for ideas for your blog? Any interesting site that we should know?

Sometimes ideas came out when I’m just walking or taking a shower, sometimes when I’m on Instagram or when I’m reading a new book.

Internet is a world full of inspiration. I have three or four blogs that I love so much and that often I use to take some fresh ideas. They are: The Everygirl, the ultimate online resource helping shape the creative, career-driven woman to experience her life better lived; Oh Happy Day, a design and lifestyle site that produces and celebrates fun through original design, projects and party ideas; and A Beautiful Mess, a women’s lifestyle company focused on creating happiness every day with home decor projects and crafts.

But Flying Tiger, located in Borgo S. Lorenzo, is also a good place to find new ideas for a blog post.


2. I love your own creations of Instagram pictures using kinds of stationery! How long it takes you to get one ready, from preparation to posting? Tell us the hard work behind the scene.

First of all I have to find an idea. Then I have to buy one or two accessories that make real and possible my idea. Often I use my whiteboard as background. Then I create by myself the image that I have on my mind. It’s not so simple, sometimes I made a lot of mistakes and the result is horrible.

But if the result is good I spent the rest of the time using my favorite App to brighten the picture up. It takes from twenty minutes to one or two hours. There’s no rule.


3. After using a while those stationery, what do you do with them? Throw away or keep them somewhere on-call?

I keep them in two boxes. The first one is little and glitter and the second one is bigger and metallic. I put the stuff in because it can be reused for another creative picture. It is my little treasure and I throw away only if I can’t reuse it.


4. You have nail polish ready every time I see you, virtually and physically. Where do you get your manicure done? Any favorite brand and color?

At home, I do my best to have nice hands. My favorite brand is Chanel because it always has particular colours. I apply every kind of colour and I often use cheap brands like Sephora, Essie, L’Oréal and Pupa Milano. Don’t forget to apply the base coat ^_^.


5. If you were not a full-time blogger or free-lance writer, what job would you do?

Good question! I really don’t know. Maybe I would like to create pictures full of glowing colours and then I would like to sell them in a little shop in the center of Florence. Or maybe a novelist with a little English cottage in the middle of nowhere.

#5QuestionsTo Valentina Veneziano

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