A Q&A Series: 5 Questions To… (#5QuestionsTo)

New year, a new series!

After living in Florence for almost 2 years, I start to feel like a local. That’s because I’ve got familiar with the city, adapted to the life pace, and more importantly made some local friends. Thanks to these friends, I had opportunities to know Italy better and deeper, visit different places, and make more and more friends!

From senior expats to true Florentine, from free-lance writer to tour guide, I am happy to get connected to so many interesting characters. Many of them write about traveling, living or dining in Italy. And their words are valuable to people, who are interested in visiting/ moving to Italy. While talking with them off-line, I feel their opinions on aspects in personal life also worth a shout-out.

That is why I am starting this #5QuestionsTo series, sharing some behind-the-computer thoughts they have on their own work, life, and even future. Each interviewee will be given 5 questions tailored by me, which are out of my personal curiosity as a friend, and could also be interesting & valuable to my readers.

#5QuestionsTo Introduction

Photo by Olga Makarova @omakarovaphoto

📢📢📢 First episode is coming up. STAY TUNED!!! 💭💭💭

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