Three Reasons I Loved My Summer Trip in Riccione

When the August passed, it feels the whole year is gone.

When entering the month of August, the city was suddenly empty. Everybody was out for vacation, and it made you feel strange not to do it. And when I am back from my two-week escape to the seaside, I found it crowded again. Streets are fully parked by cars, restaurants are back to open the full days…… Everything is telling me: people are back, to the real life!

As I am trying to get out of my holiday-blues, I thought the best way would be: summary it up, put it into an article, share it on my blog, and move on. So here is my sharing of our family holiday in Riccione, a city at the seaside of Emilia-Romagna, as well a thank note to the lovely Summer 2016.


Well established facilities & services for kids

Riccione has been a popular destination for families to spend summer holidays, so there facilities and services are very well established for kids.

In fact if you are couples without kids, Riccione wouldn’t be the places you want to go for the once-a-year summer break. However for parents with young children, you can find time to relax here, as there are entertainments, which can attract your kids for the whole day.

My 2-year old boy attached him to the swimming pool in the hotel, and wouldn’t want to leave until he was hungry. Our timetable in Riccione was simple and repeated: breakfast, then the swimming pool until noon; light lunch before a shower to wash off all the suncream and sweat; then the baby napped for 2 hours while we could do something of our own; pool time again or seaside between 5pm to 7pm before dinner. A stable routine was set during our trip, which was important for the baby, and together we spent really qualified family time.

DSCF3226 (1024x683)


After dinner we would walk along the Lungomare to digest, and sometimes we will stop by at the Giostra for a few spins.

Riccione summer holiday

Enjoying a piadina in the restaurant


In the hotel we stayed (details can be found below), they also arrange programs for kids from 3-year and up. Basically the parents could leave the babies for the hotel staff and go for a SPA treatment during their play time. That sounds a big help for parents to also enjoy their holiday time!


We ate well!

“We will have great food in Riccione!” my husband told me so before we started the holiday. And again he wasn’t lying!

Taking a break from the Tuscan cuisine, we embraced seafood dishes for two weeks. We used the first week to explore different restaurants, and for the second one, we basically re-try those we liked. Another thing of staying in a hotel by the Lungomare was that many good restaurants were within walking distance.

I’ve picked a few places, where we had wonderful time and had the best dishes during our trip. Scroll down to the Travel Tips section for details.

Places nearby for day trips

The pool was fun, but a break was still necessary. While staying in Riccione, we took a few day trips to towns nearby.

The mountainous microstate Repubblica San Marino was one of the visits we liked. Only 30-minute drive, we technically crossed the boarder and entered into another country. It is a place dominated by three colors: blue as the sky, white as the city wall, and green as the mountains surrounding. Just like the color of their flag.

We managed to climb two towers out of the three, visited the museums inside the castles, and had a lot of panorama views of central-north Italy.


Another town we visited was Ravenna, a town once the capital of the Western Roman Empire, and full of mosaics art from the Byzantine style.



1. If you could, visit Riccione after Ferragosto (15 August) as you find (relatively) less people there.

Riccione is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations for Italian families, as well as other European visitors. We found many guests from neighborhood countries staying in the same hotel with us.

However it was not as super packed as I was expecting. There were still full of people at the bagno at the seaside, but it was not hard to find spots available.

2. Consider not to book a full-board accommodation in the hotel, so that you have the flexibility to explore good restaurants around. 

Generally speaking food in Riccione is pretty great. Seafood dishes play the leading role, and you can find good seafood restaurants easily. Many times we opened the TripAdvisor and select from the high ranked places, and were hardly disappointed.

Here I’ve selected a few, which I think are more special and worth a shout-out:


Seafood restaurant by the sea, which a little fancy touch. Great services are provided. Go there by car, as there is a parking lot nearby. And if you want, put on a fancy dress and have a candle light dinner there.

Address: Via Passeggiata Goethe 28, 47900, Riccione




Italian & Japanese food. You can order a pizza (normal or vegetarian) as usual, or try their Japanese sushi/ rolls for a change! I was super surprised and happy to find high quality foreign food in Riccione, and went twice for their sushi.

Riccione summer holiday

Address: Viale Torino 29, 47838, Riccione


Santa Lucia

A restaurant for meat. If you feel a little bit tired eating seafood, try Santa Lucia for a break. Their specialty is Mora Romagnola, a race of pig who was popular in Romagna at the beginning of the 20th century. Its population dropped after years because the farmers gave priority to raise other pork, which were more suitable for industrial production. And for this reason, Mora Romagnola, a rustic smaller sized pig, becomes prestigious nowadays.

Address: Viale Piacenza 8, 47838, Riccione



3. Pick a hotel along the Lungomare, which has the quickest access to the sea, and other facilities for kids.

We stayed in hotel Corallo, where we were very satisfied with the experience. They have play ground inside the hotel, offer easy access to the bagno, and organize programs for bigger kids.

Hotel Corallo

Address: Viale Gramsci, 113 – 47838 Riccione


Riccione Summer holiday

To end this post for summer, a short video of my Riccione escape is needed. Cheers to the sweet life, slow pace, and the burning smell of the sunshine with a salty touch of the sea. (Background music: AMARCORD)

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