Villa Medicea di Lilliano | A Fancy Escape To The Florentine Countryside

It is flowery here, it is sunny here, it is best time to embrace everything Tuscany here! I was lucky to find two sunny days and spend them in one of the most beautiful Florentine countryside lodge: Villa Medicea di Lilliano.

It is a perfect venue for wedding receptions. Visiting as a guest, even in an un-wedding occasion, still roused those romantic cells inside my brain: the sweet countryside vibe, the almost-within-reach Florentine skyline, the quietness around, the home-feeling accommodations, etc. NO, a wedding is not mandatory for you to be their guest! It is a place that can handle any romantic escape.

villa medicea di lillianoThis property was owned by the Medici in the 17th century, however the history of the villa itself can be traced back to the medieval. The current owner, Malenchini family, bought it around two centuries ago, and nowadays it is used as an exclusive resort, with full capability for hosting special events, such as wedding, fashion show, conferences, etc.

Entering into the villa, we arrive La Corte, the main property which holds gardens, 5 bedrooms, cellar, dining rooms, etc.

La Cortevilla medicea di lillianovilla medicea di lilliano

Beyond the corridor, there is a huge garden with lawn and citrus trees around where collects the best time you can have as a guest here.

Villa Medicea di Lilliano

Eric Veroliemeulen, the GM of the villa, serving the afternoon “tea”

Villa Medicea di Lilliano

Coffee and cake time, with some flowers

Villa Medicea di Lilliano

Just an usual Tuscany view…

Villa Medicea di Lilliano

R. E. L. A. X.

Only five minute walk from the main villa La Corte, we find ourselves in La Torre: another residential area with 5 separated small villas. If La Corte is meant to be used for wedding receptions, fashion events, or business conferences, etc, then La Torre is a perfect place for casual stay with a touch of romantic Tuscany vibe!

Villa Medicea di Lilliano

Each villa in La Torre has a shared living room at the ground floor and multiple bedrooms upstairs. You can choose the one-bedroom villa, and have a private time with your plus one. Or share a 2 or 3 bedroom villa with friends, and organize aperitivo/ late night chatting/ little parties together with your besties!

The Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore is still within the sight. That’s how close the villa is to the city center of Florence! Only 15-minute drive, you can find yourself here in this picturesque place.

On the way to the villa, rather than driving on the highway, you shuffle within the greenery surrounded countryside, and prepare yourself with the sweet Tuscany vibe. The best method to enjoy what the Tuscany countryside offers along the way is to drive there with a vintage FIAT500.

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Enjoy a vintage FIAT500 drive with We Like Tuscany

Villa Medicea di Lilliano

Address: Via Lilliano e Meoli, 82 – 50012 Grassina (Firenze)


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Besides providing the perfect venue as “hardware requirement”, Villa Medicea di Lilliano also works with top local vendors, who are experienced in weddings. Have your dreamed wedding come true will be no more a dream.

Melanie, owner of Tuscan Wedding Cakes, is a top cake artisan in the region. She is creative and passionate about what she does. And what’s more important is she truly devoted to her work, and confident about it.

Wedding Cake Artisan: Tuscan Wedding Cakes

The simple but classic flowers on the table, consists of Dendrobium and Rosemary, was done by Marta from Flowers Living.

Floweriest: Flowers Living

Romantic banquet-style dinner organized by The Tuscan Wedding. It was such a picturesque experience that made the night unforgettable. 

Wedding Planer: The Tuscan Wedding

Tailor-made cards with handwriting. All done by the calligrapher Laura Mazzetti from The Wedding Letters

Card: The Wedding Letters

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