4 Unique Baby Shops in Florence

It is again that period of the year when parents start to shop for kids: spring/ summer outfits, swim suits, hats, shoes, party supplies…… In my case, I need to prepare: clothes for my little one, who is turning 2 soon (that basically will be a revolution of the closet), beach stuff (sunblocks, swim suits, toys, all that jazz), as well as gifts.

After almost one year living in Florence, as a mother I’ve found some baby shops in the city center that are really special and with good quality. For daily/ usual baby clothes shopping, I like to go ZARA Baby, and recently I also found COS has a little corner for Kids with good designs as well. But when I do want something unique, or one of a kind piece for certain special occasions, I have few places to go, and so far they’ve never disappointed me.

Here I am sharing four of my favorite unique baby shops in Florence. For all the parents, who are also into unusual pieces, or are looking for gifting ideas, these places won’t let you down!

100% Birbe

Located right at the beginning of Borgo Ognissanti, 100% Birbe sells mainly fabric-made products.

100% Birbe was opened 6 years ago by a Florentine girl Costanza. She is not only the shop owner, but also the creative director, which means she selects the toys to be carried in her shop, and the same time she is the one hand-makes all the small items: bibs, baby travel bags, booklet cases, pacifier cases, etc.

1. 100% Birbe 1

Each handmade piece is unique. Costanza would select the fabrics by herself, and then make one item out of the same fabric.

“If you don’t find me in the shop, it means I am home sewing.” Costanza, owner of 100% Birbe

1. 100% Birbe 3

100% Birbe also has many cute toys from different brands all over the world: Denmark, German, US, Australia, etc. However you won’t find toys of plastic or electronic, only products made of fabric, paper, or wood are carried.

“Soft, cuddly, playful” are the words I have when being inside 100% Birbe

1. 100% Birbe 4

Uniqueness of 100% Birbe:

  • Handmade unique pieces
  • Fabric dolls, wood toys
  • Online shopping available

100% Birbe:

Address: Borgo Ognissanti 2R, Firenze

Website: www.100birbe.com

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram


Cup of Milk

I found it from the Unusual Florence Map, a collection of shops in Florence selling unusual/ unique stuff. “Cup of Milk: Eco-trendy boutique of clothes and accessories for kinds aged 0 – 12, with the hippest brands of all Europe.”

Located in Borgo Pinti, Cup of Milk truly is a hidden gem in that neighborhood! When I went to the shop the first time, I realized that I had passed it many times before without noticing it. And now “found it” vs. “not found it”, I don’t know which one is better as it is a shop who makes me addicted and want to go back for more.

2. Cup of Milk 1

Laura and Carlo, who used to work as visual merchandisers, opened this shop 3 years ago. And 2 years ago they even launched the e-shop. Every year they visit Paris, London, Amsterdam for baby fairs, sourcing brands and items in person. Currently Cup of Milk carries five European brands, which mainly use organic cotton for their products, and are with very chic designs.

Chic, bright, and comfortable are the characters of the items in Cup of Milk. If you are looking for special outfit for your baby, or gifting ideas for your nephew/ niece, babies of your friends, etc, you can’t go wrong with this shop.

2. Cup of Milk 2

Laura and Carlo always keep open eyes for innovative collections ready to be added onto their shelves.

2. Cup of Milk 6

The cute swimsuits for babies. I also bought one from the boy collection, and now I can’t wait to bring my son to the sea in the summer!

2. Cup of Milk 3

2. Cup of Milk 5

Uniqueness of Cup of Milk

  • Chic and fashionable designed baby outfits
  • Unique small European brands
  • Online shopping available

Cup of Milk

Address: Borgo Pinti 6R, Firenze

Website: www.cupofmilk.it

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram


Cri Cri Firenze

This is a baby clothing shop, which I can’t help to share with you. It is near to the baby nursery/ playgroup/ whatever it is called, where my son spends his half-day during the week. Every time on my way to pick up my little boy, I will pass Cri Cri, and I always need to hold myself from being sucked in.

The first impression Cri Cri gave me was Vintage: a rustic charm was sent by the interior, old-style baby toys were used as decorating pieces, and certain items were displayed on wood furniture or interestingly in an old style stroller.

3. Cri Cri 4

Cri Cri is open by an Italian women Cristina. All the hand-made items in the shop, from little blanket to pacifier holders, from the bibs to baby clothes, etc. are done by Cristina and her assistant. In another words, Cri Cri is the name of the shop, and the brand!

3. Cri Cri 5

All items are hand-made, which makes Cri Cri a tailor shop for babies

3. Cri Cri 8

A set of accessories with same fabric: little blanket, tower for changing diapers, bibs, pacifier holders, etc.


Cri Cri doesn’t carry any other brand, however it has a small corner of 2nd hand clothes. Items are collected through consignment. People who have used but still decent clothes of their babies can bring the outfits here, and give a try. I think it is a great idea to recycle and be economical, after all a baby clothes can be used for 6 months longest?! Rather than throwing it away, why not try to give it a second “home”, and also make a little money out of it.

3. Cri Cri 1

Uniqueness of Cri Cri Firenze

  • Hand-made clothes and accessories
  • Vintage toys and furniture
  • 2nd hand clothes for sale

Cri Cri Firenze

Address: Via Il Prato 45R, Firenze

Social Media: Facebook


Enough options for baby clothes shopping in Florence? No time to get bored here. The fourth shop will take you to a whole new baby wonderland!

Baby Bottega

Cute toys with soft candy colors, vast interior decorating options for baby rooms, graphic kid’s party supplies…… this is a shop where every mother and her baby can find their little piece of heaven.

Baby Bottega is opened by Daisy, who plays many roles: the owner, an interior designer, a mother of 4 babies! All these characters contribute to her shop, and make it one of the most famous concept stores for babies, as well as the biggest distributor in Italy for certain foreign brands.

4. Baby Bottega 4

The original idea of opening this shop was to provide kid’s room interior design service. As an interior designer herself, Daisy enjoys a lot doing the make-up for kid’s room. Meanwhile traveling back and forth between Miami and Florence enabled her to bring back many cool products. Nowadays Baby Bottega has ended up being a concept store, carrying over 200 brands from all over the world.

From wall paper and curtains, to customize the color of a kid’s bed from IKEA, Baby Bottega can handle kid’s room decorating project from €100 – €1,000.

4. Baby Bottega 64. Baby Bottega 3

“Sometimes I even suggest to my client NOT to take certain things or buy them later, because I know it is not necessary for them at that moment.”

Learning from her own experience as a mother of four, Daisy gives practical advise to her clients.

4. Baby Bottega 7

Baby Bottega is also a curator for kid’s space. They work with local artisans to sell their customized & unique pieces in the shop. Recently Daisy helped one of her clients to modify a bird shape knob into a coat hanger attaching to the wall.

But if you went to Baby Bottega before reading this post, you might think, as I did, this was a shop mainly selling toys and kid’s party supplies. Here you can find cute toys for baby and juniors, as well as lots of fun products that make you want to organize parties! From party invitations, paper cups, to nail polish which is easy to be washed off by water, flash tattoos,etc. With few euros, you can find great gifting ideas, as well inspirations for a dreamy kids’ party.

Uniqueness of Baby Bottega

  • Junior room interiors, decoration consulting service
  • Custom products from local artisan
  • Kid’s party supplies

Baby Bottega

Address: Via Il Prato 53-55R, Firenze

Website: http://www.babybottega.com/

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest


Hope you will like my these fantastic places too. And if you do find something for your kids, don’t forget to share some photo to the shop’s social media channels. That will make it a happy day for all of us! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “4 Unique Baby Shops in Florence

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  2. Hi, I’m staying in Florence for just over 2 weeks and my 6 year old is having trouble with the walking for sightseeing. I have been trying to find a cheap way to buy a strooler/pram to use short term. I am staying 2km north of Santa Maria Novella and am using public transport. Do you have any ideas? PLease help. Thanks .


  3. Thanks so much for the helpful post! My son has down syndrome and is 3 months old today. I have been trying to figure out what to get him for Chritmas for weeks now. I can’t wait to try some of your suggestions!


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