My Interview by Local Newspaper Il Reporter

My March starts well. After a rainy week in the past, finally we are facing a few days of sunshine (although the past weekend is quite wet and cold). Another thing that makes me happier is reading my interview published on the local newspaper Il Reporter.

Valentina Veneziano, a journalist and  freelance writer, did an interview with several expats living in Florence, talking about the Florence in the eyes of foreign residence. I was honored to be one of her interviewees.

il reporter interview 2

My interview was translated and published in Italian on the March issue, and here below is the English/ original version of my answers. Hope you will enjoy the read, and share with me the Florence in your eyes by leaving a comment below! 😛

The City from the Other Eyes

1. Why you choose to live in Florence? And what is significant to wake up every morning in one of the most beautiful city in the world?

I lived in Hong Kong before moving to Florence. Me and my husband, a Tuscan Italian, used to visit Florence for holiday, and we both like the city a lot. Last year we decided to move and start a new life here.

Living in Florence is like living in a museum. There are so many places I would like to visit. Besides, the city continuously has new things happening, which keeps our life exciting.

2. Florence: pros & cons

The culture and history of Florence are my favorite. Almost everywhere I go deserves a picture or a post. It was the cradle of creativity, and it still is a place encouraging creating.

The lack of food variety is a bummer. I love the Italian food in Florence, however I can hardly find a good Asian restaurant. Sometimes I miss that a lot.

3. Which is your favorite plaza or street in Florence, and why?

Piazza della Passera! It is a perfect place to hang out with friends. I feel so relaxed there. For me, it is the living room of Florence!

4. One word or an Florentine expression that you like the most.

I like the way florentine pronounce “c” as “h”. “Si va a giohare (giocare)!”

5. Is there a part of your characters or attitude that has been “Florentined” during the time you live here?

Not yet. I just moved here last year. It is too early for that. 🙂

6. A piece of advice that you would like to give to a friend, who has decided to leave his/her original country and come to live in Florence.

Learn some basic Italian in advance. And as everywhere else you go in Italy, BE PATIENT!

il reporter interview 1

Thanks to the city of Florence and the newspaper Il Reporter for the inspirations and featuring. More importantly, a big kiss to all my subscribers and those who are reading this for all your supports for all the time!💋💋💋


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