Three Favorites from Supermarkets: To A Good Start of 2016!

Ciao 2016! It seems that Christmas just happened yesterday, but it is actually already the 2nd week of January! Time flies even faster when all the festivals and friends gatherings are involved.

It is only the first month of the year, but I’ve found some new favorites from the recent supermarket shopping experience. All of them are food related, and I like them because they make eating at home easier and healthier! So let’s find out what they are, and head to 2016 with some new tips!


Delicious home-made pizza is possible!

My husband is a big fan of pizza. I can imagine the level of his expectation if I offer to make pizza at home! But a good pizza dough use to be my headache, I was not confident to make one that is… functional. In order to save everybody from disappointment, I used to stay away from making pizza at home.

But this has become a history recently! I found the perfect ready-to-use dough from Esselunga. You can find it in the Esselunga shops, or if you are using the Esselunga a casa service like me, you can find this bad boy by looking for “pasta per pizza” under “Panetteria” category.

How I make pizza

  1. Preheat the oven to 240C. Take a piece of dough and roll it into a pizza base.
  2. Pan on the stove, wait until it becomes very hot, then put the pizza dough into the pan.
  3. A layer of tomato sauce on top (you can use the canned tomato sauce, or make it yourself. I have a super easy recipe here for your reference), mozzarella, sausage, salami, onion, zucchini… everything you like for a pizza!
  4. Then put everything with the pan together into the oven for 4-5 minutes.

E voila!!!

I also make either a plain or a vegetarian one for my baby. It is a good finger food for him, and he enjoys a lot.



More nutrition for breakfast

I am not a nut person. I know that nuts are full of nutrition, it is important for our health to eat nuts and all that jazz, but I never crave for them. Let’s say they are not the first thing I want when I feel like to eat. Recently I found a convincing way to eat nuts by adding them into my smoothie. My quantity of nuts-intake grew voluntarily. I’ve been using the mixed nuts and seeds from CONAD, and I put some into my smoothie every time.

How I make smoothie

  1. In a blender, put some berries (usually I put the berries in freezer one night before, so the next morning I have frozen berries), half banana, some pecans/ almonds/ walnuts, and yoghurt together to blend.
  2. Sprinkle mixed seeds on top, and enjoy it!

There is no added sugar, no ice needed (as the frozen berries bring the temperature down), full of protein & fibers, and crunchy at the same time!

January favorite - mixed nuts seeds



Flavoring cube for any dish

I learned this tip from our babysitter, who used to work in a restaurant. Usually the package of “Odori Misti Vassoio” are ingredients for making broth: carrots, onions, celery, and parsley. But besides using it the “wet” way, there is also a “dry” way to use it as flavoring for any dish!

How I prepare the flavoring:

  1. Chop or blend everything into small piece, and cook them all together.
  2. After it cools down, put the mashed ingredients into the ice cube tray and freeze them.
  3. Each time I prepare a pasta sauce, or saute some vegetables, I take one or two pieces out in advance, and use them as basic flavoring for the dish.

January favorite - flavoringJanuary favorite - flavoring


Hope the above sharings also inspire you to make more delicious and healthy food at home. If you cook any of them, don’t forget to share and tag me on Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook @staialborgo.

Belated happy new year to all of you! See you around! Xoxo

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