Amblé: Oasis Right in the Florence City Center

“Where can I go if I’d like to have a snack/ a relaxing break in a quiet and nice environment, and still close to the city center of Florence?” I would say one of the best options is Amble, a restaurant hiding in a small piazza, only 100 meters away from Ponte Vecchio.

Locating in a hidden spot doesn’t make Amble less popular at all. Instead many people, especially the local Florentine, come to Amble because of the piece of quietness it offers.

amble outdoor amble outdoor

“Fresh food, old furniture”, this is the tag line of Amble. All the decorating items in the room are old and vintage style. What’s more interesting? Everything is on sale! Yes, if you are into their style, you can buy the furniture from Amble, chairs, tables, sofa, cups……

amble cappuccino amble indoor

The specialty in Amble is the freshly prepared sandwich. I havn’t try it yet, but every time I was there for coffee, I see the sandwiches were served to different tables constantly.

Busy preparing food

Busy preparing food

I personally like cappuccino, and I had one of the best cappuccino in Amble last time when I was there.

amble restaurant

Besides the whole package offered by Amble, there are also shops near by worth visiting. I recently went to the boutique marie antoinette firenze, just next door, who has classic and vintage collections for women. Check it out if you are interested to shop some Florentine piece during your trip!



Piazzetta dei Del Bene, 7a, 50123 Florence


  • Cross from Ponte Santa Trinita
  • Walk along the arno river (Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli)
  • Turn left onto Piazzetta dei Del Bene.
Amble early in the morning, before its first guest of the day

Amble early in the morning, before its first guest of the day

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