The Ultimate Brunch: Sunday at La Ménagère

How is a “perfect Sunday” for you? In my version, it includes: waking up in a sunny morning, having a coffee at the table together with my beloved family, taking a walk along the Arno river…… Oh, and between the coffee and the walk, definitely a PERFECT brunch, which contains ham and cheese, eggs and veggies, bread and cakes, juice and wine, etc. even better if at the same time I could also enjoy nice music and be surrounded by flowers…… to make it short, it should fulfill various cravings for different food, as well as my fantasy of “feast in style”!

Last Sunday, a sunny day, after a coffee, a pastry, some cleaning work around the apartment, we arrived at La Menagere for a brunch with our friends. The restaurant locates at Via Ginori, and it is one of the places you won’t miss on that street! The decoration is very chic, combining vintage and modern characters, while the huge french windows add a “florist” look to it. In fact, it does sell flowers, as well as kitchen wares, inside the restaurant! My friend told me that La Menagere used to be a furniture and grocery store. A few years ago, they convert it to a restaurant, while still selling certain items of housewares.

la menagere inside 1

Selling house wares in the restaurant

While busy checking out every corner of the restaurant, I was carried away by the long buffet table placing in the whole room next to the florist corner. I couldn’t help but “Woah!!!” in front of the waiters, who were busy getting everything in place for the brunch to start.

“Is this for the brunch?!” Actually what I really meant was “Tell me how much I need to pay to eat THESE!”

“Yes, this is included in the brunch menu.” The waiter calmed me, and then went back to setting the table.

The brunch in La Menagere cost €50 per person, which offers access to the buffet table (Alleluia!!!) + beverage + free-flow of house wine (YES!!!) + up to 2 plates selecting from the “CUCINA” menu (a menu of fresh cooked second plates, such as soup, risotto, pasta).

When I saw these, the only thought I had in mind was: why on earth I ate the pastry before coming!!! I could have saved some space in my stomach!

brunch at La Menagere brunch at La Menagere brunch at La Menagere brunch at La Menagere brunch at La Menagere

The desserts at La Menagere are just too beautiful. And more than space, I wished to have another stomach for them!

dessert at brunch la menagere dessert at brunch la menagere dessert at brunch la menagere

The bar area, the DJ and the Florist corner, aka the elements to make the brunch perfect!

Another very important point, which would make parents falling in love with this place is that La Menagere offers baby sitting service for guests without extra charge! They have a baby playground in the basement, where you can just leave your kid there to play with the others. There are two ladies as baby sitters, who looked after and played with the kids. It is a very value adding service for those who come with kids, and at the same time still want qualified dining experiences and good chat with friends!

basement playground in la menagere

 I just heard that La Menagere cancelled their brunch lately. Sad~~~ However they still offer the picturesque dining experiences, which is romantic and unique. Still check them out. 



Via de Ginori 8r, 50123 Firenze

+39 055 0750600


  • By bus: Take Bus no.6 (depart every 8 mins) from San Frediano 4, and get off at Vecchietti (3 stops). Walk 500m.
  • By foot: Walk towards and then cross the Ponte Vecchio, keep going along Via Por Santa Maria, Via Calimala, Borgo San Lorenzo, Via de Ginori (around 15-20 minute walk)

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