A Pizza Night in Borgo Santo Spirito

When I don’t feel like to cook a big meal, I used to make myself a noodle in soup back in Asia. And after moving to Italy, my approach has changed a little bit, still I might make my noodle in soup (I adore noodle in soup) if I have the noodle bought from the Chinese supermarket, although nowadays most of the case it is pasta rather than the noodle, I will propose a dinner out for pizza!

We went to Piazza Santo Spirito, where is a versatile place to me. There are many restaurants, where you can have sit-down dinner of big treat such as Fiorentina (exactly what the Korean girls sitting behind me ordered), or a simple and quick pasta or pizza dinner. Even more casual? There are many tourists buying a take-out pizza and a beer nearby, and just sit on the stairs of the Santo Spirito church and eat. Besides, there are also cool bars with live music to cheer your night up!

^ Volume, a bar where you can have a good coffee and drinks sitting in their chic and vintage interior room. And in the evening, there are also live music!

post 70 pizza 1

post 70 pizza 2

The restaurant we went was Trattoria Borgo Antico. We wanted pizza + they had a wood oven = so perfect match! My husband ordered a pizza with onion and tuna, and as for me, I ordered something more complicated: pizza with spicy sausage, capers, dried tomatoes, anchovies. Before when we lived in Asia, most of the time the pizza in the restaurants are made in electric oven. Comparing with these ones from the wood oven, I could immediately tell the differences: the pizza base is softer and chewy (which I like a lot), while the edge is more crispy.

post 70 restaurant 1

post 70 restaurant 2

We ended the nice evening by taking a walk along the Arno river. Kisses to the beautiful city of Florence, and I felt that it kissed me back.

post 70 arno 1

post 70 arno 2
Where did we go for pizza:
Trattoria Borgo Antico

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