Photo Diary: Florence Gelato Festival

One of the most beautiful things of living in Florence is that there are constantly events, big or small, which make your life anything but boring. What’s even better? These events are made accessible to everybody!

Just recovered from a little flu, I just couldn’t wait to get myself out of the apartment. Although the weather these days aren’t helpful to release my eager of setting my feet into the outdoor city, it turned warm and sunny on Saturday, just in time for the World Wide InstaMeet in Florence. I was so happy to go and meet many cool people, bloggers, instagrammers, make some new friends and have some fun. It was the best cure for an expat who had been grounded for almost a week by a cold.

photo taken by Georgette, one of the organizers of the InstaMeet in Florence, who is also THE blogger in Florence!

After a fabulous Saturday, Sunday was taken a bit slow, and come with more food. It was the last day of the Gelato Festival in Florence, so I decided to go and take a look. It seems the weather could read minds and knew when to be easy on us. It was rainy cats and dog the whole morning, then in the afternoon it turned sunny and warm. We arrived in Piazzale Michelangelo for our after-lunch dessert: gelato!
post 69 - gelato 1

With a €12 ticket, we could taste five out of all the gorgeous and creative flavors! We started with one made of pistachio, hazelnuts, and chocolate named Regno delle Due Sicilie. I called it the icecream-nuts-bites, because you have the sweet gelato together with the nuts mixing in your mouth. Something interesting and unique!
post 69 - gelato 2

This was our 2nd temptation called Persi Pieen, made of fresh peach, cocoa, and amaretto alcohol, with strong taste and meanwhile refreshing.
post 69 - gelato 3

My favorite goes to this lime and basil sorbet! “Lime” “Basil” and “Sorbet”, there is nothing in there that I do not like! It is super refreshing and most beautiful part is that the sorbet is the most smooth one I’ve ever tried! Seriously, it melt immediately in my mouth, nothing like those that ended in your mouth as a piece of ice.
post 69 - gelato 5

post 69 - gelato 4

The 4th turned to be my husband’s favorite: Romance of Asia! The black sesames are so typical in Asian icecream, and the flavor brought me back to the old times when I was a little girl, there were moving icecream stand passing by in front of our house, and my grandma would give me 1 dollar for a black sesame icecream.

post 69 - gelato 6

I was so full after four gelato, and left my husband to enjoy the 5th to himself (I even didn’t care to take a photo of it. Sorry gelato No.5!). Instead I started to gram the people around enjoying their little bowls of heaven. 🍧

It is hard to not enjoying here: the gelato, or the view from the piazzale michelangelo, you gonna be lulled into either of the two~
It is hard to not enjoying here: the gelato, or the view from the piazzale michelangelo, you gonna be lulled into either of the two~

Hope you had also enjoyed a nice weekend, and wish everybody a nice week ahead! And o matter how busy you are, remember to take a break from time to time, and appreciate the little sweetness in life!🍭

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