Cena Bianca, Where You Dress up in White and Have Lots of Fun

Those who have watched Gossip Girl must remember on Season 2 Episode 1, Serena and Nate were caught kissing on the White Stage Party, which was thrown on Long Island. While the characters might be fictional, but the party is for real! And in real life, it happend in Florence!
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Venti Lucenti, an organization who promotes theatre and culture, once a year chooses a public place in Florence, and throw a party Cena Bianca: a dinner with dress code White! This year the event fell on 3rd July in Piazza del Carmine, and I was there among the white crowd.

As the organizer, Venti Lucenti picks a place in the city (the venue varies every year) and set up the tables. To attend, all you need to do is to register on the event page, and reserve your table! Yes, the entance is for free, and you don’t need to be exclusively invited to be there! How amazing and cool is that!

During the event, participants were suppose to bring our own food and tableware, and at the same time dressing in white! You can elaborate on the theme and be creative as much as you want. Some people came with flower hats, some with outfit as sailors, etc. It is interesting to see how diverse white outfit can be! And for people like me who were not dressing so special (I just had my white top pairing with a skinny jeans), it is also fine & fun as I like to mingled around and join the special groups.

After eating, people couldn’t hold any more. There must be a way to spend all the energies that we gained from the food: dancing!
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Everybody on the stage!

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Agree this is a cool thing and would like to join? Stay in tune on their event page and maybe we see each other next year!

Cena Bianca: http://www.ventilucenti.it/portfolio-articoli/cena-bianca-3-luglio-2015/
Venti Lucenti: http://www.ventilucenti.it/

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