Three My Favorite Ice Cream Shops (Gelateria) in Florence City Center

Three things have started to play bigger part in my routine life since I moved to Italy: water with lemon juice, prosecco, and gelato (ice cream). A cup of water with the juice of half lemon is the first thing I take in the morning; in the evening before dinner, me and my husband would like to sip half glass of prosecco while sitting in our little balcony and enjoying the sunset; while during the afternoon if I need to run errands in the city center, I’d like to refresh myself from the hot weather with a gelato!

During the past one-month non-stop household searching, I’ve also explored some ice cream shops in the city center and targeted three of my favorites!

Perche no!
When shopping for kitchen ware, the two department stores coin and La Rinascente were my go-to places! So Perche no! which located right on the side street of coin was THE choice for me. It is a place serving handmade gelato, and their pistachio flavor is very popular! The shop is not on the main street, so they can have chairs and a bench for customers to sit down and enjoy the goodie, rather than being pushed by people while holding the ice cream melting in your hand.

post 62 - perche no 1

post 62 - perche no 2

post 62 - perche no 3
People stay at the bench to eat ice cream

Lots of people like to choose Venchi, which is a choccolate and gelato shop with a good reputation for hundred years. They seem never lack of people inside the shop. But for me who is in a rush most of the case, Venchi is too luxury for an ice cream. I rather prefer something down-to-earch, quick but still with good quality.

My Perche no!
post 62 - perche no 4

🍧 Via dei Tavolini 19 (red), Firenze

La Bottega del Gelato
Usually I do not support those gelateria on the main street, but I couldn’t resist the popsicles from this shop!

post 62 stick house 1

First they are delicious by look! There were times I didn’t know what to take, as there were so many choices and each looked attractive! Another thing makes me like this gelateria is that they also have sorbet. When I feel like to have something light, I will take one of their fruit flavor sorbet stick and continue my walk under the sun.

post 62 stick house 2

Coffee flavor ece cream vs. Mojito sorbet. Yummmm…..
post 62 stickhouse 3

However bear in mind that not all flavors are available all the time. Usually (at least from my experiences), during the day time the choices are less, as they also serve Panini and sandwiches in the shop. Starting from late afternoon, the collections start to get more interesting. And those ice cream with crispy chocolate wrapping will join the display in the early evening.

🍦 Via Por Santa Maria 33, Firenze

Gelateria della Passera
If you are willing to stay a bit far away from the crowd of the Duomo, and explore deeper the other side of the Arno river, there is another good ice cream shop Gelteria della Passera hiding in the street Via Toscanella. This is the place I usually go when I do some shopping around Borgo San Jacopo, or after a Sunnday lunch in the neighborhood.

If you are going to the Pitti through Via de’Guicciardini, consider to take a turn at Via dei Velluti. This shop is just on the right side at the joint with Via Toscanella. They have creative flavors, which cost €1 each. Reasonable price for good ice cream, isn’t it?

Although it is in the opposite direction to the Duomo, there are still many people including tourists coming here for an ice cream
post 62 7

post 62 8

The bad thing about taking pictures of gelato is that afterwards you really need to eat them quickly!
post 62 13

It may not be the best idea to stay outside in such a sunny afternoon, but there are benches in the square outside the gelateria for people to sit down and take a rest.
post 62 11

Such a quiet neighborhood
post 62 12

🍨 Via Toscanella 15 R, Firenze

That wraps my 3 favorite gelateria so far! If you know any other good place, leave me a comment! I’d like to try as well. For gelato, it is never too much, isn’t it?! 😝

4 thoughts on “Three My Favorite Ice Cream Shops (Gelateria) in Florence City Center

  1. Hi Sasha:
    I visit Florence once a year and usually stay in the Santa Croce neighbourhood, so my favourites are all on that side of town. I always go to Gelateria dei Neri, Via dei Neri, 9/11 – they have a dark chocolate (cioccolato fondente) that is so delicious! I also like Vivoli at Via dell’Isola delle Stinche 7r – this was my first gelato ever so I’m nostalgic about visiting.
    When I’m in the centre, I usually go to Perche No, too. You sound like you are really settling into life in Florence – lucky, lucky!


    • Very nice! I am planning to take Italian language course in a school in Borgo Santa Croce, maybe I will go and try your recommends!!!
      Florence is really a nice place! So far I am enjoying 😉


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