Firenze, Here I Am Ready to Embrace Your Beauty!

I’ve been lazy lately, but in my defense I’ve been busy. Finally I’ve packed everything and moved to the dreamy city of Firenze!

I feel lucky to move in late May, as the weather is getting warm and it is not the rainy season (although these days showers happen a few times). Our shipments are not yet arrived, so moving in to the new apartment is progressing very slowly. So as my residence and visa applications. But I guess this is the lifestyle that I need to adapt to: take it easy and slow.

In order to settle down, I need to apply the residency before really starting a life here. And that is what my husband and I were busy with these days. It sounds easy to just “apply” the residency, but in reality it involves many back and forth information inquiring and documentation preparations. Not to complain, but the first time we made the phone call to the city hall asking the list of documents required, even before we arrive in Florence, not much was mentioned. However after we made the appointment and physically attended, many things were asked. Is this a typical efficiency of the Italian public offices? Hope it won’t take too long to get things done, and meanwhile patience is needed!

Despite of all the chaos during the residency application, I still can’t help drowning in the beauty of Firenze!
can't help drowning in the beauty of Firenze

But one thing that really cheers me up is being so close to the nature! Coming from Hong Kong, where you are surrounded by buildings most of the time, Tuscany is like a natural park. We are so happy to have our 11-month-old be in the middle of green and have the chance to see many wild creatures! He is so curious to check everything in the garden. Hope the great origins of live could make him grow up as a person down to the ground.

After a shower, we have a new friend in the backyard.
post 60 - move to florence 2

Hope things will work out fine and can’t wait to embrace the charm of the lovely Florence!!!

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