To 2015, A New Year and A New Chapter

My 2015 starts well: first my blog Stai Al Borgo got shortlisted on the Italy Magazine for the Best Travel Blog Awards 2014, and second I am finally moving to Florence!

I can’t be more honored to be nominated on the Italy Blog Awards on the Italy Magazine together among all the other great blogs. It is also such a wonderful opportunity for me to learn from those who write everything about il bel paese Italy. And I’ve also followed some of them, such as Lost in Florence, Florence For Free, Beautiful Liguria, etc. They are such great blogs and full of useful information in travel and culture aspects. Can’t wait to read more of their articles, and get to know better about Italy!

PS, vote for my blog here if you have enjoyed my pictures and post. 😜

Another big and exciting thing on the way is: I finally decide to MOVE to Florence! For sure it will be a challenge for me, as I first need to improve my Italian, and second get to know the city and new friends, I am still positively looking forward to it. Living in Europe has always been a dream for me, and Florence is a city that combines antique and modern Italy, so this is like a dream come true! I am planning to move in the middle of May 2015, so now lots of packing to do! I know many of wordpress bloggers are expats in Italy too, so if you have any tip or suggestion in terms of moving to Italy, please please share with me! 🙏

A snap I got while walking in the Tuscany countryside. Look forward to living there and seeing such view every day!
A snap I got while walking in the Tuscany countryside. Look forward to living there and seeing such view every day!

Maybe it is a bit late to ask for people’s new year’s solution now, but I would love to know about your objects in 2015. For me I’d like to speak Italian and blogging more about my new life in Italy!

Life is full of challenges, and what we do is to face them positively as much as we can. Here at the end of this post, I’d like to finish it with one of my favorite quotes from Confucius: wherever you go, go with all your hearts. Be-very-lated happy new year everybody, wishing you all having a wonderful 2015 full of excitements and happiness. ❤

This post is featuring Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

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