Milan, I’ve Missed Your Beauty, Again!

I can’t believe that I’ve never had a post about Milan, yet. And the main reason is that every time I visit there, I was in a rush.

During the past Christmas time, I was in Milan for 2 days, and again I didn’t have the luck to see the best side of the city. For all the tourist cities, you only see crowds of human beings during major festivals. And this rule no doubt applies to Milano too! I wanted to cease the chance to visit the city center, but I ended up being pushed around by lots of people.

However I still appreciated the famous and signature architecture next to the Duomo: the GALLERIA. The moment that I walked into the street covered by the arching glass, I felt that I was really in the city of fashion. Besides those famous designer brands that we can think of, there are cafés which are really cozy and classic. It was a beautiful thing both to sit inside one of them, and to look at the picture of people enjoying their coffee in such a nice place.

Even though I couldn’t stop too long, I still couldn’t help but freeze the scene using my camera.

The symmetry architecture GALLERIA in the city center of Milan
The symmetry architecture GALLERIA in the city center of Milan

This post is featuring Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

6 thoughts on “Milan, I’ve Missed Your Beauty, Again!

  1. I also mostly visited Milan in a rush, but the time I didn’t, I did find it surprisingly beautiful! Your photo is proof of that 🙂


    • Some people say Milan is more a city to live than to visit. Many friends started to like it only after living there for a while. I would love to stay there for longer period in the future to experience that. 🙂

      But I did find lots of interesting shops and restaurants that are chic and cozy. Really loved it!

      Thanks for your words, really made my day😘💕

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