Walks in Firenze: Deep into Borgo Santo Spirito

I love to walk around in Florence. To me, it is something I can’t get tired of.

I was in the Borgo Santo Spirito in a rainy afternoon. Few people were on the street, but they didn’t rush to indoor place because of the bad weather. So I took it slow as well, enjoying a little bit the cold rain in winter (not very fun, but looks cool 😎). There were boutiques in this antique community, really chic and fashionable. I wished that I was living in Florence, so that I could buy all these nice stuff back and place them in my apartment!

And that’s the moment I told myself: I’d like to move to Florence 💓

In Borgo Santo Spirito in Florence, Italy

This post is featuring Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

3 thoughts on “Walks in Firenze: Deep into Borgo Santo Spirito

    • Many thanks!!! I am very honored for the nomination with all the other fantastic blogs! Too much to learn from other bloggers in the coming days. And your photos are super!!! Really love them!


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