Golden Time in the Golden City of Arezzo

One of the best things of living in Florence, being the center of Tuscany, is the convenience to reach other places in the region. We drove to Arezzo in an afternoon to visit the famous city of gold and jewelry manufacturing.

The city itself is full of antique churches, cultural relic and mid-age characters. Differently from Florence, no much tourist is here in Arezzo. So we have all the time to enjoy every sight without being pushing around by the crowd.

Piazza Grande
post 55 arezzo 8

The Basilica of San Domenico
post 55 arezzo 9
post 55 arezzo 7

Besides the ancient churches, my personal interest is the park Parco della Fortezza Medicea. It lies at the high point of the city, where you can have a wide view of the countryside stretching far beyond. Also it locates where the main roads converging, which makes it easy to go to the downtown in Arezzo.

Not only the city is famous for gold jewelry manufacturing, also in the park, you can find golden color everywhere. It was such a romantic experience to have a slow walk with my family💕
post 55 arezzo 1

post 55 arezzo 2

post 55 arezzo 4

post 55 arezzo 3

A look out from the high point of the park
post 55 arezzo 5

post 55 arezzo 6

It was a cloudy day without much sunshine, but it didn’t make the day any less pleasant. In fact we enjoyed every minute, thinking it was even more special to see Arezzo in a “gloomy” weather. ⛅

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