A Lazy Afternoon Walk in Tuscany Antique Village Pescia

The winter weather in Tuscany is unpredictable sometimes, you don’t know when it starts to rain. And for this reason, I have to seize the chance to go out whenever there is sunshine.

One of the advantages of living in the Tuscany countryside is that there are plenty of villages around to see. Pescia is an antique village 20 minutes away by car from where I stay. There is a river running crossing the city, some schools, stone-paved streets…… sounds nice enough to me to pay a visit.

Walking on the lawn of the river bank
Walking along the river on the lawn of the bank

The sky was full of clouds. Get ready for the rain ☔
post 54 pescia 2
post 54 pescia 3

And yet, there was still sunshine somewhere
post 54 pescia 4

I wouldn’t say Pescia is a very special village comparing to other famous Tuscany cities, such as Siena, Lucca, Florence, etc. However if you just want to go somewhere for a casual walk, check on the old mid-age village, it can be a good option. And there are certain cute shops selling home interior decorations, which are perfect to spend the pocket money!

Super cute neighborhood! Love the antique style
post 54 pescia 5
post 54 pescia 6
post 54 pescia 7

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