If you are into UNESCO world heritage sites, then Pompei is a MUST when you are in Naples. However as great and astonishing as it is, don’t just go there without preparations. By preparations, I mean Food and Water!

While you are inside the Pompei site, it is easy to get attracted by those ancient and well-preserved site, so that you forget the time and yourself. I walked hours before I found myself thirsty, hungry and in “no where”. There are barely shops inside Pompei, so I jumped into a café as soon as I found one, grabbed a big Panini and a hot beverage, digging in like a refugee.

My panini: Treasure that saved my life in the world treasure site Pompei!
post 51 treasure

Tips for visiting Pompei:
1. 🚉: Take the train from Napoli that connecting Napoli and Sorrento. It takes around 45 minutes to reach Pompei.
2. ☀: While visiting during summer, make sure to wear sunglasses and put sun-blocks.
3. ❄: While in winter, bring an umbrella with you.
4. 🍔: Bring Water and Food all the time!!!

This post is featuring Photography 101: Treasure.

Written by Sasha Wang

Born in mainland China, Sasha had lived in Hong Kong for 8 years before moving to Florence, Italy. She is a wife, a Mom of two Chinese-Italian boys, chef in the house, photography beginner, travel & lifestyle blogger in Italy.


  1. Beautiful foodie-travel picture 🙂 I am just about to write a travel post about my time to Pompeii, but unfortunately I don’t have any panini pictures with the ruins haha


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