Hello There! I am on Instagram!

Hi everyone, hope you are having a fabulous day! Today I am very exciting to let you know, officially, Stai Al Borgo is on Instagram!!! 😀

I’ve opened Instagram account for a while actually, but I’d like to have a post announcing it when I reach 100 followers. And recently I did it! 100 followers is not a lot, but I started from scratch: without inviting my friends from any other social media channel to follow me at the very beginning. Great thanks and kisses to my followers on Instagram. This post is to You!

With the same style as this blog, I post photos of my trips in Italy on Instagram. And I will be writing about those trips here in the future too. If you likes my photos here, don’t forget to also check my Instagram account! Lots more goodies are there waiting ~

Stai Al Borgo Instagram banner

You can find my Instagram feed on the right side of this page. Or you can simply click Here to enter the Instagram page. Don’t forget to Follow if you like the pictures. It will mean a lot to me and make me one happy clam in the world. ❤

instagram content example

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