Refraction on the Enchanted Seaside of Palermo

Years has passed but I still remember the beautiful refraction on the Palermo seaside.

I arrived Palermo by train and the first sight out of the station was not that pleasant. Walking on the street, I felt the city was cold, dark, and somehow abandoned. And of course after many people had mentioned the Italian Mafia before the trip, at some point I was so scared and wished to find my hotel and just stay inside the whole day!

When I thought things couldn’t get worse, it started to rain. I had to shelter myself in a small cafe near the seaside, and prayed for the sun to come out. Luckily the rain did stop soon, and I was able to walk to the seaside.

Guess nothing good comes easy. God put me into some difficulties before he gave me the most beaufitul stuff. The moment I saw the seaside, I was amazed. The sky and the water were so clean and clear. With the refraction, the boats, the sea, the blue sky and their reflections composed an enchanting picture!

Palermo seaside

For more pictures of my stay in Palermo, welcome to check the post That Year I Spent One Day in Palermo.

This post is featuring Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction.

5 thoughts on “Refraction on the Enchanted Seaside of Palermo

  1. That is a terrific photo, and the way the sail masts (poles?) are reflected on the water is a great interpretation of the photo challenge theme.


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