Ticket Booked! Florence, Here I Come Again!

This is really exciting! I finally booked my ticket to Florence in December and I am ready to spend a month in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Last year due to some personal reason, I couldn’t go there and I was almost depressed for the Christmas period. Now thinking about being able to stay for the whole Christmas and new year festivals, I could nearly jump to the ceiling.

Flight tickets booked

Flight tickets booked

There are still three months to go, so now my task is to plan the trip (one of the most exciting things to do before traveling, isn’t it!). For sure most of the time I will stay with my family. But I would also like to go around and visit some places, especially those that are not very well-known to tourists. Besides Toscana, I’d also like to visit some places in the neighborhood regions.

I have some places in mind, such as Arezzo, Urbino, Ferrara, Parma. Hope I will have chances to visit all of them! If anybody has suggestions on where to go, what to eat, where to stay, etc. please drop me some comments. I would really love and appreciate your advise. 😀

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