Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary

Time flies. I didn’t realize but it has been one year since I started Stai Al Borgo blog.

When I opened this blog, I was in doubt if I could make this blog last long. But now one year has passed and I still manage to keep updating contents from time to time. Sometimes there are difficulties for me to find things to write. Given the fact that this is a blog about Italy and I don’t live there all the time, I could really scratch my head for a new post. But every time when I finish a new post, or get a LIKE from other bloggers, it is like a little baby smiles to me. It makes my day and really gives me a lot of satisfaction.

The “Borgo” in the name of the blog refers to the block Borgo San Frediano in Florence, where I live and stated the idea of writing this blog (see the About Me & This Blog page). Here is a picture of the neighborhood. 🙂

post 39 Borgo San Frediano

Thanks to all the Likes and Comments. I will continue enriching Stai Al Borgo with words and pictures. Hope it spreads the joy that it gives me also to you.

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