Visit Assisi, A Place Accommodates Life of both Religious and Common People

Assisi, a town in province of Perugia, Umbia, holds the significant position in religion and is famous as the birth place of San Francesco d’Assisi. I’ve been curious to see how it would be like as a place that accommodates the life of both religious and common people.

It took us only less than an hour to drive from Florence to Assisi. While approaching, we saw Assisi situating in the mid-level of the mountain. The city in white color distributed a holy and peaceful air.

Arriving the holy city of Assisi. It looked so beautiful under the blue sky and surrounding by green.
Arriving the holy city of Assisi

As the birth place of San Francesco, one of the must-visit places in Assisi is the Basilica di San Francesco d’Assisi. We learned the great achievements and contributions that San Francesco made to the catholic church by visiting the basilica. I was touched by his big heart and great love to nature, and so impressed by the story of him preaching to the birds. All his big love makes one of the reasons to have the memorial day of Francesco d’Assisi as the World Animal Day.

Basilica di San Francesco d’Assisi, which has been regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Basilica di San Francesco d'Assisi
Basilica di San Francesco d'Assisi

Missionary in Assisi
Missionary in Assisi

After visiting the church, we went to a casual walk around the town. Like many other towns remained from middle age, roads and houses in Assisi are paved and constructed of stones.

As a popular tourism destination, it was easy to find crowds around the basilica. However when we walked further into the residential area, it showed such peaceful environment, so different from the city center and perfect for living.

Walking down the street in Assisi
Street in Assisi

Me in the lane of a residential area in Assisi
Me standing in the lane in Assisi

A dessert shop, which grounded me for a long time. I wished I could eat everything they were selling. 🙂
A dessert shop in Assisi

Before departure, we spotted a signboard on the wall outside a shop. What a simple but enlightening message ❤
A signboard on the wall of a shop in Assisi

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    Stunning blog I discovered today, making me dream of returning to Italy! This post in particular reminded me of the day I was in Assisi. It was draped in mist, which made it seem all the more mysterious and romantic, but did not make for great photos. The ones on this blog are much better – do check them out!


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