Tour Surrounding the Como Lake

On the last day of our stay in the Como Lake area, we took a drive by ourselves surround the lake to have some sightseeing, as well as visit some famous places.

Having heared a lot of talkings about Bellagio, we arrived in this well-known town in the noon time. The shape of Como Lake is like an upside down “Y” character, and Bellagio locates just in the joint. It is a town built alongside the mountain. We walked into Bellagio along the stone paved roads, visiting the boutiques by the sides of the road while appreciating the beautiful environment.

Even though given the fact that Bellagio is one of the most famous places for tourism in Como Lake, it still provides a quiet environment, which makes the tour delightful.

Visiting Bellagio by walking. It was such an enjoyable experience.
Walking in Bellagio

While visiting Bellagio one of the thing you wouldn’t want to miss is sitting at one of the cafe or restaurants facing the lake and sipping a cup of coffee. It was one of the best memories, which made me don’t want to leave!

We really had a beautiful day (bella-giorno) in Bella-gio. And that is how I remember the name of this place ❤

My lunch starter in Bellagio: bresaola with parmesan cheese

After Bellagio, we were on our way to Como. As the major town in the Como Lake area, Como preserves lots of ancient architectures and heritages. We spent the rest half day visiting the beautiful city of Como, doing some shopping and passing our sincere thanks and goodbye to this amazing place.
City of Como

Como cathedral in the city centre. The construction of this gothic cathedral started in 1396 and completed in 1770.

We were also very lucky to visit the market open only for occasions and festivals. Only watching all kinds of the goods made me want to put everything into my pocket.

It was a hard job to control myself from buying the cold cuts!
Cold cuts in the fresh market, Como

A booth selling dried fruits
A booth selling dried fruits in the Como fresh market

And of course the cheese that Italians cannot live without!

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