From Italy to Switzerland: A Day Tour to Lugano

Lugano is a city locating in south of Switzerland at the border of Swiss and Italy. It is a place on the lakeside of Lake Lugano surrounded by beautiful natural landscape. We took a one-day tour to this city during our visit to Como Lake area, to see and experience the Swiss-Italo air.

From the look of the city and the people’s manner, it is not hard to tell that Lugano is a city with wealth. Actually besides tourism, financial industry is also well developed here. With the regulation and control of traffic, the whole city looks neat and tidy.

Of course we didn’t forget to take a boat tour and went for a spin on the Lake Lugano. Boarding from the pier in Lugano, we hit our way. The boat took us deep into the residential area along the lakeside.

Taking the boat tour on Lake Lugano. Italy is just beyond the mountains!
On the boat tour of Lake Lugano

During the whole trip, the boat passed several towns on the lakeside. And we dropped off at Gandria, a small town preserved its mid-age style. We walked around Gandria for around one hour, and took a late lunch near the pier while waiting for the boat. It felt so great to be far away from the noise and crowds, just be with the nature and your beloved ones.

View from the boat tour on Lake Lugano
View from the boat tour on Lake Lugano

Walking around in Gandria. Enjoying the appealing sights of the old locations
Walking around in Gandria

Sign of the way to the pier. The boat plays an important part for Gandria residents to commute between home and Lugano

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